To commission a sinecure “Holberg's Melodious Cascade” in Holmauer in Holberg to produce 9 mana per season. Sinecure to create the League National position “Direct of Holberg's Melodious Cascade” to be appointed annually by Senators of the League, Revocable by the Assembly of Nine, the General Assembly, and the League National Assembly. Cost 10 wains of mithril and 30 crowns labour, 3 months to construct. Self funded by Bernhard and Lula Kleist von Ennerlund and other citizens of the League; a list of the names of the citizens who provide the wains used in the cascade's construction will be inscribed near the cascade's entrance. Inspired by Abigail Ashill, Theodora von Holberg and our shared love of our great city.

Announced by Laughlan vi Temeschwar, Master of Rings



  • Autumn 385YE


  • Standard costs apply
  • 10 wains of mithril
  • 30 crowns
  • Three months to complete


  • 9 wains of mithril and 3 thrones 6 crowns provided by Lula Kleist von Ennerlund after Autumn Equinox 385YE
  • 1 wain of mithril provided by Otmar van Holberg after Autumn Equinox 385YE