The creation of a spy network to explore the lands West of imperial Territories, to be based in Hordalant.

Proposed by Therunin, seconded by Mitwold.


  • Construct a spy network in the Jotun-controlled territory of Hordalant.
  • Hordalant is described in a recent piece of historical research concerning the reign of Emperor Guntherm. "The Marchers headed down the southern coast of the Gullet, into Narkyst, and made a spirited attempt to capture the territory named Hordalant on the border of Bregasland; they successfully overran the marshes of Blutgahn and the plains of Ashahohn but were incapable of making further progress."


  • Spring 379YE.



  • 10 wains of weirwood supplied by Caerwyn after Summer Solstice 379YE
  • The spy network was completed shortly before the Autumn Equinox 379YE

Campaign Outcome

  • Any Imperial citizen can assign a military unit they control to support the spy network.
    • If the equivalent of five military units are assigned, then a map of the territory showing settlements will be shown.
    • With ten military units, the location and nature of armies, naval routes and trading partners in the territory will be discovered.
    • With fifteen military units, the location and size of fortifications in the territory will be discovered.
  • The results are cumulative, so if 15 military units in total are assigned then the players receive all the benefits listed on the table.
  • Upgraded military units are proportionally more effective. Each upgrade a military unit has adds the equivalent of 1/5 of an extra unit to the overall tally.
  • Information will go to the players who assigned military units to the network.
  • Military units assigned to a spy network also receive a share of the Imperial guerdon just as they would receive when supporting an Imperial army.