To commission the folly "Lowther's Lift", within the Singing Caves, near Overton in Mournwold. This folly would enable the extraction of greater quantities of mithril in the form of a ministry. This will cost 10 wains of weirwood and 20 crowns. This is self funded.

Proposed: Mitwold, Seconded: Kallavesa



  • Spring 385YE


  • Costs as per wind of fortune
  • 15 wains of weirwood
  • 20 crowns in labour costs
  • Six months to construct


  • 2 thrones 4 crowns and 10 wains of weirwood provided by William Lowther after Spring Equinox 385YE
  • 5 wains of weirwood provided by Fern after Summer Solstice 385YE
  • 5 wains of weirwood taken by Jotun Raiders after Spring Equinox 385YE