Create spy network in Odtokov.

Proposed by Morrow, seconded by Hahnmark.


  • Passed at 12 Thrones with 0 votes against
  • Money distributed to Morrow


  • Summer 377YE.


  • 10 weirwood
  • Upkeep: 2 Thrones per season from the Senate budget
  • Time: 3 months to construct


  • Paid by Ioseph, Senator for Morrow in Summer Solstice downtime.
  • Following the discovery of a territory map of Otkodov, this spy network will discover more information about the central territory of Verthandi.

Campaign Outcome

  • Once complete any Imperial citizen can assign a military unit they control to support the spy network.
    • If the equivalent of five military units are assigned, then a map of the territory of Verthandi showing settlements will be shown.
    • With ten military units, the location and nature of armies, naval routes and trading partners in the territory will be discovered.
    • With fifteen military units, the location and size of fortifications in the territory will be discovered.
  • Information will go to the players who assigned military units to the network.
  • Military units assigned to a spy network also receive the normal resources they would receive when supporting an army.


The motion to create a spy network was passed in secret by the Imperial Senate. Not all Imperial citizens are aware of its existence.