Commission the Reapers' Repose sinecure in Melfort, Temeschwar costing 10 white granite, 5 weirwood, and 30 crowns. This will create the title "Chatelan of the Reapers' Repose" to be appointed by the Senators of the League.

Proposed: Temeschwar, Seconded: Semmerholm



  • Autumn 384YE


  • If the civil service are correct in their assumptions, this commission uses the costs detailed in the Wind of Fortune
  • 5 wains of weirwood
  • 10 wains of white granite
  • 30 crowns labour costs
  • Three months to complete


  • 3 thrones 6 crowns, 5 wains of weirwood and 10 wains of white granite provided by Laughlan Vi Temeschwar after Autumn Equinox 384YE


  • The civil service believe this is related to the proposal by Sovia Lahm von Temeschwar, Merchant-prince of the Emerald Magpie Guild (as detailed in the A health to the company Wind of Fortune, and are awaiting clarification from Senator Temeschwar
  • Once complete, this will create the title of Chatelaine of the Reapers' Repose, appointed by unanimous decision of the League senators.
  • Assuming this is related to proposal of Sovia Lahm van Temeschwar, the Chatelaine will receive a stipend of 16 crowns each season and enjoy unlimited access to this restful sanctuary, including three doses of the relaxing tea Tranquil Nostrum each season.
  • The construction is complete and the Chatelaine of the Reapers' Repose is due to be elected at the Winter Solstice 384YE.