To enhance the shrine, Zoria’s Maze, to house the knowledge and teachings of Zoria, Paragon of Wisdom, in the vale of Griejezdo in Miekarova. This will give 18 additional synod votes and will cost 18 wains of white granite and 36 Crowns, to be self funded by the Vor-Azi. The existing maze is recognised as the final resting place of Zoria by the Wisdom Assembly and the Varushkan National Assembly.
Proposed by Weirwater, seconded by Ossium



  • Summer 383YE


  • This commission uses non-standard costs
  • 18 wains of White Granite
  • 36 crowns labour
  • Three months to complete


  • 36 crowns provided by Illya Nikovitch Volkov after Summer Solstice 383YE.
  • 18 wains of white granite provided by Vitaly Grigorovich Dukov after Summer Solstice 383YE.


  • When complete, the commission will create the title Guardian of the Maze of Zoria.
  • The constitutional court suggest that the title could either be appointed annually, or with tenure, and that the ideal electors would be either the Varushkan National Assembly or the Assembly of Wisdom. Both assemblies have some claim to Zoria's legacy.
  • The Senator for Weirwater has indicated that the title should be appointed annually by the Varushkan National Assembly.

[Civilian Commission 3]