To create a sinecure, the Memorial Gardens of Treji to the Summer Storm, to be appointed by the senator of Hercynia.

Proposed by Hercynia, seconded by Tassato.


  • Passed Autumn 378YE


  • This will cost 10 wains of weirwood.


  • 10 wains of weirwood provided by Rhain Winters Vigil of the Navarr after Winter Solstice 378YE.

Campaign Outcome

  • The sinecure will produce 6 bladeroot, 6 true vervain, 2 cerulean mazzarine, 2 imperial roseweald, and 2 doses of marrowort per season.


  • Sinecures are normally life-time appointments.
  • This is a national sinecure, and can be revoked by the Navarr National Assembly, General Assembly, or Assembly of the Nine.
  • This sinecure is regarded as unconstitutional because it uses an inappropriate method of appointment. The motion was not struck down by magistrates at the time and the construction has already been approved. No future sinecure using this appointment method will be approved by the constitutional court.