To construct a Folly in Mieriada in Miekarova, called the Hearth of the Tempest. This Folly to be given into the control of the Spring Eternal Papa Otec, who will cause it to operate as a College of Magic specialised in the Spring Realm, without incurring ongoing costs to the Senate.

Proposed by Miekarova, seconded by Volodmartz.



  • Autumn 379YE.


  • 1 wain of white granite, 1 wain of weirwood and 4 crowns provided by Dušan Otecovna Zlata after Autumn Equinox 379YE.

Campaign Outcome

  • The official Imperial work to create this folly is now complete.
  • During the Spring Equniox 380YE, the folly underwent a dramatic transformation into the Heart of the Tempest.