To Commission a sinecure "The Teneberous path" in Hercynia Old Ranging, with the title of "Wisdom of the Tenebrous Path". Self-funded at ten wains of Mithril. To be appointed yearly as a Navarr National position at the Spring Summit by the Military council.

The Vallorn are the greatest spiritual threat to the Empire, and with the Senate's wisdom, we are building the first army specifically to fight it. Isaella's dance will muster at Miaren in the coming summer.

An army is a ship without a rudder, an arrow without a bow without an intent to wield it. This proposed sinecure is to inspire wisdom to the Thorns of Navarr to those who desire to wield a General's banner.

This Senate's duty is not to the titles of this room but to the people we serve.

Proposed by Hercynia, Seconded by Semmerholm



  • Winter 383YE


  • Standard costs apply
  • 10 wains of mithril
  • 20 crowns in labour costs
  • 3 months to construct


  • 6 wains of mithril provided by Rhisiart Dancewalker after Winter Solstice 383YE
  • 4 wains of mithril and 2 thrones 2 crowns provided by Rhisiart Dancewalker after Summer Solstice 384YE
  • 2 crowns provided by Nathair Autumngale after Summer Solstice 384YE