To undertake to build a trade hub with the Faraden in King’s Stoke in Upwold, to further economic and diplomatic ties between the Empire and Faraden. Half of the cost to be provided by the Marches and half by Lady Sarelta of the Red Moon, of the Faraden.

Proposed by Upwold, Seconded by Bregasland.


  • Passed


  • Summer 381YE


  • Special
  • The minimum cost is estimated at 20 wains of weirwood, 20 wains of white granite, and 80 crowns
  • The Faraden have committed to providing the white granite and 40 crowns towards the labour costs; if a larger enclave is built they will match the weirwood the Empire provides and half the labout costs.


  • 20 wains of weirwood and 5 thrones provided by Henry Ward after Autumn Equinox 381YE.

Campaign Outcome

  • When completed, the trade hub is expected to function as a great work providing a share of funds to Marcher citizens who own farms and businesses.
  • The trade hub was abrogated by the Senate in Spring 384YE