Create the title of Admiral, assigned by the Senate on an election cycle of one year, with the right to attend Military Council meetings. Their responsibilities are to coordinate with Fleet owners on best possible targets.

Proposed by Weirwood, seconded by Necropolis.


  • Create a title within the Senate to advise on fleet actions.


  • Spring 2014

Campaign Outcome

  • The Imperial title of Admiral was created.
  • Nominations for the title were opened on the last day of. the Spring summit, and it is intended the position be appointed on the first evening of the Summer Solstice 378YE
  • In Spring 380YE, the Senate amended the powers of the Imperial Admiral, and changed the name to Imperial Fleet Master, partly to avoid further confusion with the Admiral title used to describe a general who commands an Imperial navy.


The right to attend does not include a voice or a vote, they can be silenced by the generals if they choose.

The intention is that in the future this power will be expanded to include the ability to bind fleets to the Admiral's representation, but the costs and technicalities of this are being revised by Imperial Audit and Costings for discussion at a future summit.


State Votes For Votes Against Result
In Principle 21 6 Passed