That the Senate agree the creation of the imperial title Bursar of the Imperial Academy.
Appointed by the Senate, to receive a stipend.
Responsibilities will be to purchase such tools and material as are necessary to the education of our children.
It may be revoked by the Synod General Assembly, or the Assembly of the Nine, in line with ordinary guidelines on revocation of imperial titles.

Proposed by Morrow, Seconded by Casinea.



  • Winter 377YE


  • Stipend: 6 Thrones annually, distributed as 1 throne and 4 crowns each season.

Campaign Outcome

  • The Imperial title of Bursar of the Imperial Academy was created.
  • The title will be appointed annually by the Senate during the Winter Solstice summit as a result of procedural vote.
  • Titus Hopkirk was appointed to the title.


State Votes For Votes Against Result
In Principle 23 0 Passed
At 2 Thrones 23 0 Passed
At 4 Thrones 23 0 Passed
At 6 Thrones 12 11 Passed
At 8 Thrones 8 15 Failed