To create the position of Trade Envoy to the Sarcophan Delves Proposed by Kahraman, Seconded by Miaren


  • This followed on from a previous motion to create other trade envoys.
  • Passed


  • Winter 379YE

Campaign Outcome

  • The ceremonial title of Trade Envoy to the Sarcophan Delves was created.


  • This title does not have the power to handle formal diplomatic relations with the Sarcophan Delves
  • OOC Note: Parts of this section were superseded by the rules update 2018.

The civil service will direct representatives and citizens of the foreign power to whichever title or body has been granted the power to represent the Empire. The power cannot be vested in multiple titles or bodies; it must be absolutely unambiguous who holds it and in almost all cases this means an ambassador.

In Spring 377YE, the Senate passed a motion to create envoys with several foreign nations but indicated that the scope of their responsibilities was purely to initiate trade in resources. Because of this limitation, it was judged that these positions did not carry any authority and were ceremonial titles only. It isnot possible to create a diplomatic post that has authority only in specific areas.

As a result, this is a ceremonial title, with the responsibility for helping with trade with the Sarcophan Delves - it does not have legal powers or authority. Authority to negotiate with the Sarcophan Delves continues to remain with the Imperial Consul.

The well worn constitutional path to create an Imperial title that has authority is to create an ambassador. It is possible to create an ambassador without building an embassy - although experience has shown that all attempts to initiate diplomacy with foreign nations without first building an embassy are ineffective.