To make membership and aiding of the Hand of Dumon illegal, and to denounce this cabal of heretics.

Proposed Miaren, Seconded Hercynia


  • The motion creates a law making it illegal to be a member of, or offer aid to, the Hand of Dumon.
  • The Hand of Dumon is an Iron Confederacy conspiracy of magicians dedicated to the so-called dark god of the Suranni pantheon. They are not believed to be active within the Empire.
  • Passed


  • Spring 384YE.


  • The Hand of Dumon is outlawed, as is offering aid to the organisation.
  • Magistrate Karkovich advises that the magistrates will treat this crime as being on par with membership of the vyig rather than a more serious crime such as treason. Someone found guilty of being a member of the group, or offering aid to it, is likely to receive a fine rather than be executed (unless of course other more serious crimes come to light while investigating the case). Furthermore, heresy is a matter for the Imperial Synod to determine, and so without a judgement of condemnation from the Synod that element will not be considered during criminal trials.