• 12 Thrones disbursed to Senator Kahraman in Winter 377YE
  • 25 Thrones disbursed to Senator Redoubt in Summer 378YE
  • 26 Thrones 4 Crowns disbursed to Marissa Shatterspire, Senator Redoubt in Autumn 378YE.


The Constitutional Scholars point out that while the Senate can indicate its wishes as to how the money it disburses should be used, these wishes have no legal standing and all such disbursements can be used as the recipient sees fit.

Autumn 378YE

Disbursal of funds with the intention of purchase of mana though the Ministries of the Grand Masters for the Conclave Vaults.

Proposed by Redoubt, seconded by Volodmartz

Summer 378YE

Disbursement of funds to the Grand Masters of with the intention of buying Mana for the Vaults.

Proposed by Kahraman, seconded by Redoubt.

Winter 377YE

Disbursal to the Grandmasters of the Conclave with the intention that they use the funds for the purchase of mana.

Proposed by Kahraman, seconded by Redoubt.