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As of the end of the Spring Equinox 386YE this title is no longer active as it was abrogated by the Imperial Senate

Aspar served as the first Arbiter of the Four Winds


The Arbiter of the Four Winds was an Urizen Imperial title initially commissioned in Summer 382YE. While work began on restoring the Temple of the Four Winds in Morrow, it was interrupted by the invasion of the Druj. The orcs sacked the building site, slaying a great many sword scholars in the process. The project was halted, and did not resume until the following year following the liberation of Peregro. The reconstruction was completed shortly before the Summer Solstice 383YE.

Legally this title was "Envoy to the Disciples of the Tempest Jade Maiden" but as more sword scholars came forward, the title (already a bit of a mouthful) was recognised as becoming increasingly incorrect.

During the Spring Equinox 386YE the Senator for Kahraman, Delara i Fijadoz i Guerra, raised a motion to abrogate the original motion to construct the temple and create the title which was upheld by the Imperial Senate.


The Arbiter of the Four Winds served as envoy to the sword scholar sect associated with the Temple of the Four Winds in Peregro. The temple was dedicated to the pursuit of Wisdom, as seen through the lens of the teachings of the first sword scholar, Sulemaine, the so-called "Paragon of Blades". The Arbiter was expected to liaise with the sword scholars, and present their philosophy at Anvil and to the Urizen people as a whole.


The Labyrinth Sword

The Arbiter of the Four Winds was the legal custodian of the Labyrinth Sword, a relic believed to be associated with Sulemaine herself. If an individual lost the title, then the sword would have to be given to the new title holder. Herminius of the House of the Wanderer as the last Arbiter of the Four Winds retains ownership of the Labyrinth Sword.


The Arbiter of the Four Winds was appointed at the Summer Solstice by the Urizen National assembly.

The title could be held by an Urizen citizen. The Arbiter of the Four Winds served until the next election, or until they died, stepped down, or were revoked. They can be revoked by the General Assembly, the Urizen National Assembly, and by the Assembly of the Nine.

Temple of the Four Winds

The Temple of the Four Winds was originally constructed in Peregro long before Urizen joined the Empire. It was destroyed during the purge of the sword scholars that took place in the reign of Emperor Giovanni, but the ruins remained a place of pilgrimage for the sword scholars. It was especially important to the Disciples of the Tempest Jade Maiden sect, the largest of the surviving fellowships. Its reconstruction was initially commissioned with the encouragement of the surviving sword scholar sects at the Spring Equinox 382YE.

The Druj completed the work the enemies of the sword scholars had begun, further ruining the already dilapidated structure. When the work finally resumed, the temple practically needed to be rebuilt from the foundations upward. Very little of the original temple remains, and what little was preserved now stands as part of the gardens that surround the spire, an austere reminder of hidden dangers and the vicissitudes of fate.

The Temple consists of a slender tower, surrounded by quiet shrines and contemplation galleries. At night, the entire temple is illuminated by lanterns decorated with sword motifs, whose soft glow also reveals intricate scrollwork that cover the white granite walls depicting tiny white flowers.

Herminius of the House of the Wanderer, served as the last Arbiter of the Four Winds
Summer Solstice 385YEHerminius of the House of the Wanderer235 Votes
Summer Solstice 384YECato Hypation92 Votes
Summer Solstice 383YEAspar26 Votes

Recent Elections

This tile is no longer being elected as the position it oversaw is not in Imperial hands. The table to the right shows the citizens who have been elected to hold this title in the years since Empress Britta died.

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