Establish a national assembly for the Orc people as for other nations' assemblies in the Synod.

Proposed by Conscience, seconded by Hercynia.
Gralka, Conscience of the Senate 376YE-377YE



  • Winter 377YE

Campaign Outcome

  • A national assembly for the Imperial Orcs has now been established in the Imperial Synod.
  • The national assembly will have all the powers and responsibilities of other national assemblies.


State Votes For Votes Against Result
In Principle 25 0 Passed

"The Assembly of Pride believes that the Empire is proud of all its citizens, in that all citizens are equal within the eye of the Empire. We call upon the Imperial Orcs to form a National Assembly within the Synod, to see to the virtue of those who hold elected Imperial positions within their nation”

Samson of Highguard, Cardinal of Pride (Autumn Equinox 377YE)