This song is traditionally sung on The Feast of the Loom

Original tune Hallow's Eve by Chris Hoban. Words adapted by Daisy Abbott and Jude Reid.

Rehearsal recording of the Feast of the Loom song here (Varushkan harmony version).

Recording with the chorus only here

Song for the Feast of the Loom

Chorus: Go light the lantern at your door, to honour those who've gone before The worlds that part us now are near, the Loom will weave another year

The westering sun is pale and wan, the days are dark, the nights are long, A chill is in the evening air, and wind stirs in the branches bare


Sweep out the hearth and clear the grate and bid folk welcome at your gate, when darkness comes we'll bar the door, and feast till we can eat no more


We'll tell the tales of heroes brave, and those we loved lost to the grave The hearth fires that tonight we burn, will light the Way for their return,


Now round the bonfires lightly tread To welcome in the year ahead The seasons turn through frost and dew Until the year is born anew