The Flaxen Pillars are located in Misericorde in the League territory of Holberg. Custodianship of the Flaxen Pillars grants an Imperial title, the Red-Eyed Reaper; a seat on the Imperial Bourse; and a seasonal bounty of valuable weirwood.

The Resource

The Flaxen Pillars are a massive stand of weirwood hidden away in the depths of Misericorde. Hidden for centuries in the dense forest that covers the entire region, it was discovered by the Sand Fishers shortly before the Winter Solstice 385YE. The Sand Fishers presented a clear plan to exploit the Flaxen Pillars, with Imperial help. The resource is huge, easily big enough to provide enough weirwood to meet the needs of the Sand Fishers and provide the Red-Eyed Reaper with sufficient wains. The Sand Fishers are more than eager to share this bounty with their neighbours - "all that is worthwhile is shared with those who deserve it", they explain seriously.

The Flaxen Pillars also represent a massive influx of money in Misericorde and good jobs for many young Sand Fishers. This boon has means that there has been an increase in money that can be used to buy not just essentials, but luxury goods from Holberg's many markets.

The Bourse Seat


The Seat has no particular responsibilities; they simply receive a bounty of weirwood which is theirs to do with as they will. If the Flaxen Pillars were to be threatened in any way, it would be the responsibility of the Red-Eyed Reaper to deal with those threats. Likewise, if any particular opportunity were to arise related to the Flaxen Pillars, the Red-Eyed Reaper would expect to be consulted as to how that opportunity might be resolved.


Seat on the Bourse

Custodianship of the Flaxen Pillars comes with a seat on the Imperial Bourse. For the most part, this Seat comes with no additional responsibilities. It is an Imperial title that grants the right to participate on the rare occasion when the Imperial Bourse as a body is required to make a decision.

Bounty of Weirwood

The Red-Eyed Reaper has control of a source of weirwood and receives Bourse certificates to represent that control. They can dispense this resource as they choose. Production is 22 Imperial wains of weirwood every season.


As with all weirwood Bourse seats, the holder of the title is determined during the Winter Solstice. Election is by open auction at the Winter Solstice each year. Any League citizen may bid for the title.

Custodianship of the Flaxen Pillars is retained for a year, or until the citizen holding the seat dies, or steps down. An Imperial Bourse seat cannot be revoked by the Imperial Synod.