How to make a really easy kids' cloak


This pattern makes a cloak to fit a 2-4 year old - you could make it for a bigger kid by using a longer piece of fabric and increasing the length of the body -the head hole and the hood won't need altering. You could even make it longer with a really deep hem which you can let out as your child grows.

You will need

1m of fabric at least 60 inches wide - wool for a warm cloak (polar fleece makes a nice machine washable substitute) Thread in a matching or co-ordinating colour A brooch to pin the neck shut, or a fastener to sew on.


Following the picture below, cut out two pieces - the big wide one will be the body of the cloak, and the littler one will be the hood.


Now, following the picture below, fold the hood piece as shown and sew down one edge - this will be the back of the hood.


Now, carefully matching the middle of the LONG EDGE of the body piece to the seam at the back of the hood, and matching the FRONT EDGES of the hood to the SHORT EDGES of your body piece, gather or pleat the LONG EDGE of the body piece to the NECK EDGE of the hood piece. Sew this seam all the way around. Your cloak is now basically done.

Finally, hem all the way around.

Get your child to stand still for long enough to pin it around their neck - the neck hole is deliberately large to a) allow for growth and b) allow them to slip out without getting stuck if their cloak gets caught on something, but you can overlap the edges if you prefer a tighter fit. If you want, sew on a fastener, or just pin it shut with a brooch.