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A Marcher household represents a group of yeomen, beaters, and crafters, led by one of their number who is called a steward. Political power in the Marches rests in the hands of the households. Households are typically from one territory, to best use their political power.

Households are defined by their group identity and shared work, rather than any familial links, thought it is not uncommon for a family to be part of a single household. It is also common for smaller households to sit under the umbrella of larger households, to benefit from their pooled resources and skills.

Creating a household

A household is the easiest kind of Marcher group to create. Even the smallest household's voice can count in the process of selecting the senator for their territory. The group leader will be its steward and is usually the most competent politician in the group rather than a battle leader.

The core of the group will be one or more yeomen. Some of these are likely to be military characters, but not necessarily heavily-armoured soldiers. A household's yeomen are just as likely to be lightly armoured, with bills, mattocks and bows. A household may also include the crafters who live on the household's land, often a smith, a friar or two. Most households also include a few beaters in their number.

You will want to choose a territory to come from: Upwold the oldest and hilliest, Bregasland home to the fen-dwellers, Mitwold with rich and rolling fields, or the Mourn recently reclaimed from the Jotun.

Additional Reading

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