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There are many important steadings and stridings across Navarr. Despite the number, only a comparative handful are involved in the affairs of the Empire (that is, attend the seasonal summits at Anvil). Their influence can wax and wane, and involvement in Imperial affairs is not always a reflection of their prominence within the nation itself. This page presents in-character information about the groups that attend, or have attended, Anvil — the kind of thing that someone who asked about them might uncover from talking to their peers. In each case, the information is provided by the players and edited before being put on the wiki.

The majority of groups listed here are made up of player-characters. You should not create a character who is part of a group, or has personal history with one, without first clearing it with the appropriate players. You should also check before including other players' groups in your background. The background team are unlikely to approve a background that significantly impacts or involves another player character group without their permission. There are also a handful of prominent NPC groups included for completeness, but they are not intended for use by player characters.




The steading of Autumngale is a fairly young settlement, having been established in the last twenty years when the Autumngale Striding felt that their place in the Great Dance was no longer to roam. Autumngale is situated in Greenfalls, Miaren along a tributary of the River Gancio, at the base of a series of waterfalls. It features humble mooring capable of accommodating a handful of rivercraft and is renowned for claiming host to a number of artists, sculptors and creatives. The steading makes use of waterfalls and pools in the area for bathing and encouraging relaxation and creativity in its denizens and visitors. Several members of Autumngale cultivate woodlands near these pools for the rearing of iridescent butterflies, for use in the creating of art or artisanal crafts leading to a series of 'moon pools' that become beautiful spectacles of colour and wonder at night. When they hold unburdening, the steading provide paints, beads, thread, so when something old is taken the option to decorate it to make something new is given, encouraging the living art tradition in Navarr. This penchant for creativity extends beyond just the arts, thorns and vates from Autumngale have a habit of providing and utilising inventive solutions to problems and proposing inspired suggestions that might often seem atypical.


Formed (along with Splitroot striding) some time before the death of Empress Britta from members of the Foxden steading, the wooden palisaded Brackensong Steading is the first line of defence against the Vallorn in East Broceliande. It is situated in the former home of Whispering Dray in Elerael, where its position grants it an eye over the movements of the husks, miasma, and the giant insects that roam the area. To date, the steading is the largest to come out of Broceliande to the Imperial Summits. As befits its vigil against the Vallorn, Brackensong is the home of the Voice of the Quiet Forest, one of the larger covens within the Navarr. Additionally, the constant threat from the more physical agents of the Vallorn has given rise to a core of hardened Thorns, ready to stand against the evils that lurk in the forest and beyond. Since the Interregnum, the Brackensong have worked to bolster the living heart of the nation, using the Dance of Navarr and Thorn to repair and nurture the Trods, and playing host to songs, stories and revelry long into the night of every Summit.

Broken Bough

A days walk east of Lorenzo's Deep Pockets in the Goldglades NorthWestern Miaren is Broken Bough Steading. A relatively small and quiet steading, it has typically been home to Navarri who for one reason or another desire hidden ambiguity. Broken Bough is situated along a creek, nestled in the large trees found in the area. The location was likely originally chosen to be around a small watchtower structure believed to be Terunael in origin. The Steading is home to The Drunken Goose, a wayhouse underneath a large tree on the edge of the settlement. Always the focal point for those passing through looking for food, drink, and a place to stay, The Drunken Goose has recently become a place to sample a wide variety of cocktails from all over the Empire.

Bronwen’s Rest

Situated on the Trod that runs through Peakedge Song in Therunin, Bronwen’s Rest Wayhouse was founded in 360YE by a small and ageing Striding looking to settle down. Younger Navarr started to arrive over the next few years including the current Brand, Eleri, and the wayhouse became a regular stopping point for not only Stridings moving through the area, but also a few Highborn and Urizen travelling across the Empire. Bronwen’s Rest now boasts a well-appointed bath house and small printing press- unsurprisingly for a place run predominantly by merrow- as well as the smithy, workshop and inn that form its core. The wayhouse comes to Anvil to provide some of the same services that it does to travellers on the Trod on a smaller scale: repair jobs to clothes and equipment, drinks, snacks, packed lunches and of course a social hub for people to sit, unwind… and gossip their hearts out. A number of representatives of other stridings and steadings also camp with Bronwen’s Rest at Anvil, forming a collective known as the Open Skies.


No one knows the origin of the Splinterspear steading. Splinterspears have an odd past twisted with the other steadings from the north, sandwiched between varushka and Wintermark there has never been a time when the splinterspears weren't around, the wayhouse pops up all through the empires history, it is said Myfanwy herself stayed at the wayhouse. it is literally carved from the fingers themselves (mountain range) some say the wayhouse is older than the steading its self, it is a large house with many passages and secret entrances, they even host a natural hot spring and a Navarr banquet hall, They hail from Old ranging in hercynia and are isolated over much of the dark winter months. they operate the wayhouse which is literally carved into the fingers which opens its doors and offers the yearly celebration ‘the last feast north’ all weary travellers are welcome, as long as they agree to leave weapons and grudges at the entrance, splinterspear wayhouse is a place for rest and regaining strength after the long trods and many battles faced, this is to honour the passage of the fallen through the labyrinth. A Proud and vigilant Navarri steading who it has been whispered have been blessed by summer eternals, it is a rear thing to find a splinterspear who is not a Vate, (this sounds grander than it is, its a massive cave network set in forest up the side of a mountain that is part of a mountain range, with plateaus and softer inclines, it is situated right next to a major trod north, the hall is where the last feast north is hosted yearly)

The Waystone Path

Waystone Path.jpg
Waystone Path

Formed in 385YE after years of being a striding, its members settled in Old Ranging, Hercynia. The region's harsh woods prove a safe place to settle and begin farming. Historically, the group walked along the trods of Hercynia, stopping at piles of rocks on the way for a break. They called them "waystones", and eventually started calling the long road "the Waystone Path". Now, they spend the bulk of their time in Old Ranging, tending to their farms, forests and herb gardens. The steading's members dedicate themselves to protecting and maintaining the Waystone Path with vigilance and pride


Foxden Steading was founded a few hundred years ago by a changeling Navarr, Jhessail Cedny and a draughir Navarr, Rymel Cedny. The two had met on a trod, as their stridings passed each other. Jhessail and Rymel travelled north with those who wished to follow them, to where the boundaries between Varushka and Wintermark met, into the lands of Hercynia. Here, in the place where in winter the darkness is great, and in summer the light seemingly never-ending, they came upon a hill clearing with sparse forest around it. In this region of Summersend atop the hill sat a vixen with her cubs, looking down upon the pair. She yipped, and then trotted away into the trees with her cubs. Here is where they built the steading of Foxden, its eyes watchful to the North and to the Vallorn of Hercynia. The steading is a place where the Navarr, and other nations, can come to rest, trade news and goods, and seek guidance on the many paths on which life takes them. Here is a place dedicated to preserving history and stories, music and art. A place to gather and organise against the Vallorn. It is the home of an ever-growing information network set in place by Jhessail and Rymel to ensure that the Empire is upheld against the many forces that oppose it. Foxden is a diverse steading with many different focuses; it has produced many a fine thorn, vate, broker, guide and brand. It is a home to any in need, and is willing to accept any into its fold, provided they bring no harm to it. Over the years the steading has produced a number of stridings, as the Dance of those within has dictated. Strong ties still bind a number of these groups together into a collective of stridings and steadings, who regularly get together at Anvil to share information and the like.


Springwake was formed many years ago, though the records have been long since lost. In Brociliande, in Dark Ranging, on the border of the Barrens, Springwake stood as a wayhouse, a tavern for travellers and Stridings alike. Eventually, as so many things do, it fell- to Vallorn on one side, and bandits the other. Those few who escaped became Ashwood Striding. One day, those who lived long enough found their way back to Springwake, and along with support from the heroes of the Empire, were able to reclaim it. It stands once again, a proud Steading that, occasionally, holds parties, their Brand Rhain Springwake a steady and wise leader; and the Steading maintains its links with Ashwood through the Burning Forest Alliance.

Strangers Song

Strangers Song is a steading based in Miaren they have a notable forge where Karrow the brand and Thorn, produces weapons and shields in the traditional Navarr style. He and Alarna occasionally bring a few examples to Anvil for trade. Bryn Strangers Song is a young and spirited Autumn Vate who is part of the order of rod and shield, Cadagan is an experienced Autumn ritualist and Emir is the laconic Thorn. together with White Foxes and Night Grove they are also known as Entwined paths.



The SilverCloud steading was formed when a group of Navarr, having spent a long year looking for their place in the great dance and wandering between various stridings and steadings, found themselves in Miaren sitting staring into the reflective waters of the Pool of Silver Clouds. Whilst in contemplation one of them saw a vision of two clouds reflected in the pool, although the reflected clouds were bound together in thorns. Whilst watching the reflection more clouds floated nearby and also became bound in thorns.

This was seen as a sign that their place in the dance was not to be found with another steading but to be made by forming their own and welcoming others similarly adrift in the dance. This vision and the steading's proximity to the magical pool has seen its members become focussed on Night magic. The SilverCloud steading suffered heavy losses in Summer 385YE following an attack by heralds of Cold Sun

Whispering Dray

The Steading of Whispering Dray stood sentinel in Elerael, the eyes of it people turned always towards the shrouded desolation of Terunael, protecting the Trods and driving back any Vallorn creature that stumbled into the untainted woods.

What happened to the steading is not currently a matter of record, except that their homes are now inhabited by the Brackensong, and in recent years a number of individuals named Whispering Dray have been found guilty of Treason and Sorcery.

OOC Note: Whispering Dray are an NPC steading




The Everwatch Striding maintains ties to the territory of their founding, Hercynia, but wanders freely wherever the trods guide them, having done so since their founding in the wake of the Thule invasion of Skarsind in 373YE. Trapped between barbarians to the north and east and the vallorn of Deer’s Folly to the west, Navarr from the northern Glen of Shadows attempted to make the perilous journey through the winding mountain passes and forest trails to safety, travelling by nightfall to reduce the risk of detection.

On one such night, those that had survived the journey nearly stumbled headlong into a Thule scouting party, but found themselves inadvertently warned by the fitful hooting of an owl in its roost. By dawn, the Striding had found itself formally founded, its first members swearing oaths to each other that would not have been made "if not for the owl ever watching from its roost".

Unsurprisingly, many members of the Everwatch Striding have come to be dedicated to the Virtue of Vigilance.


The Ashborn striding was formed by members of an expeditionary force sent to Hordalant between 379 and 381. They are the Navarr scouts, spies, explorers and military personnel who found themselves harried and cut off from the Empire by overwhelming Jotun forces. Though separated from the Empire for 3 years the Ashborn continued to resist, forming themselves into an effective unit of guerrilla fighters, sabotaging Jotun activities where possible in a number of daring raids. Later, when the Empire launched a doomed military campaign into the region the Ashborn made their boldest move – slipping through enemy lines to unify with and assist the now retreating army. The Ashborn now return to Anvil after surviving alone outside the Empire. They were formed to survive the suffering they found there, uniting together in common course. Now they find themselves facing a new challenge – reintegration within the Navarr and the Empire. From ashes we rise, from sorrows we grow.


Ashwood Striding has risen from the ashes twice now. Once, the ashes of Springwake led to a small band, trying to find some more normalcy. They were set upon by Grendel and those children left alive were sent to a Dawnish orphanage. When grown, Zayn and Rhain, brought up in Dawn and once of Foxden, refounded the Striding. Since the reformation, many things have changed. Now a Striding made mostly of scouts, physics and brokers, and those who came to Navarr from other nations, Ashwood wanders mostly through Miaren but often finds its way back to Brociliande and the Steading it was born of. The first and so far, only Striding of the Burning Forest Alliance, Ashwood stands proud and is proof that a forest fire is needed for new life to begin.



The Brittlebones striding trod a path around the central Empire with Miaren at the heart, undisputedly distinguishable by their unifying feathered garb and red cross bone sigil, few would not know when the Brittlebones caravan was in town. Perhaps one of the most noticeable aspects of the Brittlebones is that they all bare the lineage of the Summer realm. All changelings fiercely loyal to Navarr, the majority of their members battle wounded thorns, no longer able to fight, that have found their new place in the great dance delivering messages and trade all around the central Empire and her waterways.

On the fields of Anvil they created and maintain the Navarr notice board, encourage Navarri art forms such as painting and tattooing and deliver important messages from nation to nation. If you need anything they will likely know who to send you to.

The Edgestalkers

The Edgestalkers are a Striding formed in 375YE by Pan “Summer Wolf” of White Oak Pass, his wife, brother, and three friends. Their purpose, to walk the trods along the Empire’s northern borders, protecting the scattered settlements and rendering aid to those in need. The Striding has a diversity of personalities, backgrounds, and interests, bound together by a mutual Loyalty and trust. In the past, each member took a "wolf name" to reflect their place in The Great Dance or a particularly noteworthy achievement. Now, the members earn a wider, more varied animal name - as the Striding has grown, so have their ideals and morals - as well as their message to protect any and all citizens of the empire. Their motto reflects this, being “Our Lives for the Empire, Our Blood for our Own” - this shows their commitment to all nations, all territories, any lineage and any citizen. While they take any and all who have earned their place, prospective new Striding members are first asked The Question, and those who can’t give a satisfactory answer are turned away.

What with their habit of taking in wanderers looking for a home, even non-Navarri, and absorbing the smaller Swift Bark Striding in ’81 and the Autumn Trod’s Wake striding in ‘85, their numbers have grown over the years. Now they operate out of Thorn’s Pass, a Prosperous waystation they established in Northpines, Hercynia. Those who can’t or don’t want to travel remain behind as a Steading in Thorn’s Pass at their secret mountain home above the Pass. On nights when the moon is full, the howling of wolves can often be heard in forests and hills around Thorn’s Pass, and locals tell stories to travellers about a pack of beast-headed warriors that guard the valley and devour those of ill intent. The Edgestalkers haven’t gone out of their way to dispel those stories.

Eternal Family

The Eternal Family is an old striding, so old it is claimed that their roots trace back to the days of Terunael. Whether this is true or not is unclear but it is clear that the striding is very old. The Family is made up of an extended group of both blood relations and adopted individuals who are collectively recognised as family. Highly active as a group, those able to travel journey widely along the trods and beyond. They offer support to those in need and explore old ruins, trying to find out all they can about the history of their people. Those unable to travel live in and run a wayhouse in Goldglades, in the territory of Miaren. In recent years the Family has become known for the core of the striding being a strong coven specialised in the magic of the Day realm and the Spring realm. Something very unusual happened around 378YE, however, and the ritualists’ affinity for Spring magic has changed markedly. Today, the Eternal Family are known to be powerful practitioners of Summer magic, in addition to their mastery of the arts of Day. Alongside their use of ritual magic, the Family use all skills at their disposal to help their nation and the Empire. On the battlefield they are reputed to fight defensively, using shields, medical skills and magic to support frontline warriors.

Shattersong Striding

Shattersong Striding is one of the newer Navarr stridings and yet has risen to great notoriety thanks to the endless well of Ambition its members shared. Originating in Anvil itself, Shattersong began as a small group of Thorns who had grown resentful of the Empire sending Navarr into battles they could not choose, with little care or support for them in return. There was a feeling of discontented restlessness, of desiring change, and a vow of taking initiative, that all the original members agreed upon, choosing the name 'Shattersong' for their ethos of raising their voices to challenge the status quo and step forwards where they could make a difference. Their homelands in different territories and their Ambitions great and varied, these Thorns traveled the Empire for months on end away from one another, returning to Anvil to combine forces and support each other where possible. Notable members include: Ban Shattersong, infamous for the robbery of the Grendel Ambassador, executed Spring 384YE for suspicion of planning to repeat the same crime; and Larkin Shattersong, First General of Isaella's Dance, and Second Field Commander of Navarr, lost in battle in Liathaven, among the same trees that Isaella herself is rumoured to be buried under. It has become a bitter joke that to be a Shattersong is to rise fast and die soon. Out of four original members, only one now remains alive to attend Anvil, and, having swiftly been selected as Acting General to the Quiet Step, Farenthar Shattersong seems ready to follow in the footsteps (but hopefully not the tragic fates) of his stridingmates.


One Summer’s night in Therunin, a number of riverside steadings unexpectedly found themselves under attack by a tide of vallornspawn. In the confusion, a fire flared amid the dry undergrowth, and the dwindling survivors realised their only hope was to cast themselves into the water. Clinging together for safety, watching their homes burn, they might easily have abandoned hope… but then they saw that their way was being lit by burning debris that had fallen to the water’s surface. “Embers cast adrift,” one said, “but still aflame.” These words became an oath, and a new striding was born, sworn to aid those who had found themselves similarly beset by disaster, war or invasion. Nowadays, Embercast is fairly diffuse, its members often splitting into smaller groups to walk the Trods. It functions as an extended family: spread across the Empire, but always keen to come together around a fire to tell tales and sing songs. Since 382YE, its members have been congregating at the Anvil summits in ever-increasing numbers, where they always ensure there’s a seat at their fire for anyone who might be in need of one.

The Leafstalkers

The Leafstalker Striding are a modern band of Navarr based out of Serenael, famed for their signature cloaks that allow them to blend in with the weirwood trees of the region.

Splitroot Striding

Formed a year or so before the death of Empress Britta alongside Brackensong Steading from members of Foxden Steading, Splitroot has since grown to be a sizeable group. The striding walks the trods of Broceliande, using Elerael as a home base, and venturing into Dark Ranging. Previous to the declaration of war in Winter 378YE, they were one of the few stridings to trade with the Orcs of the Barrens, and still maintain close ties to the Great Forest orcs. Splitroot comprises of an eclectic mix of skills and personalities, including all manner of bards, brokers, vates, thorns, ambassadors to foreign nations, and fire dancers. As befitting a group so closely associated with Brackensong and Foxden, many of it’s vates are members of the Voice of the Quiet Forest.

The Umbral Path

The Umbral Path Striding is a secretive group with their origins in Dark Ranging in Brocéliande, where they have long fought to protect the Empire from the threat of Vallorn and barbarian alike with their mastery of Night magic and other tools. Since the barbarian incursion into Elerael, The Striding has begun to more regularly range out across the Empire, spending time with all manner of citizens and learning what they can of all they encounter, whilst always maintaining a presence in Dark Rangings. The Striding rarely stay in one place long and often splinter into smaller groups in order to seek out anything that they feel will help them achieve their goals. Members of this Striding are adept at blending into the crowd except when they choose to be seen and their presence at Anvil was first noticed in Anvil in Spring 380YE, as a new Empress was chosen.

We will see our founders' dance complete
Founders' Dance

Founders' Dance

The Founders' Dance striding was formed from a number of Navarri walking in constant pilgrimage to the exemplars Navarr and Thorn. The path Navarr and her followers first took to re-establish the trods after the fall of Terunael. The striding walks this path as closely as it matches our modern trods, spanning almost the entire Empire.

Formed mostly of pilgrims and priests, they aim to inspire others to test what they know and act on it. Through the spreading of information regarding Navarr and the vallorn's history, they strive to help the Empire learn from the mistakes of the past, Terunael or not. "Terunael will never be rebuilt, but one day there will be an Empire, governed by wisdom, not by greed".

Two Feet

“So I left my hearth and home behind with naught but a knife and my own two feet.” - Filch Two Feet y83 imperial No one is really sure how old the Two Feet Striding is. The exact circumstances of their founding have baffled curious historians throughout imperial history. Though surviving records first mention the striding some 3 centuries ago, the Two Feet themselves aren't much help on the subject. Though most agree on the time frame each branch of the striding seems to posses a radically different Tale of their origins, although recurring themes have been noted. Uncertain origins aside, the Two feet have a solid reputation within the empire. Though some speak of their Loyalty to their friends, their canny trades and ruthless prowess on the battlefield. Its their songs that have truly put the striding on the map. Coupled with a talent for the brewing strong drink and an overall cheerful outlook on life the striding is a welcome sight wherever it may roam Another curious habit sets the Two feet apart from most other Striding’s is that they always return to their Steading’s to wait out the winter. Though not unheard of its the consistency with which the Two feet do so which sets them apart. Though some might accused them of being a “fair weather striding” this is rarely done to their faces. For the two feet count a "significant" number of thorns among their ranks. Since the death of Britta, increasing numbers of the Two Feet have made their way to Anvil to further their ambitions and carve out a legacy the empire wont forget.

The White Foxes

The White Foxes Striding do not draw their name from the most… ‘reputable’ of origins. Initially formed by the mercenary Crenshaw of Miaren in 377 YE, The White-Fox Renegades were a guerrilla mercenary unit led by Crenshaw on paid contracts all across the Empire and into the Iron Confederacy. Whilst not famous or prosperous by any degree, the unit was greedy, violent and loyal only to the string of their coin pouch. This would change immensely, however, when Crenshaw recruited the mage Carwen in 379YE, and visited Anvil for the first time in the year 380 YE. Assisted by this friendly young companion and introduced to so many fascinating people, the hardened mercenary heart of Crenshaw melted, and decided on the second day of the First Summit to redesign his unit into an established, respectable Striding. The White Foxes Striding endeavours to aid the Navarri people and the wider Empire in any way they can- the group embrace all into their fold with a desire to better the lives of their fellow Imperial citizens, and they pride themselves on an upstanding, diplomatic reputation. Indeed, they hope to shape the Empire into forming closer bonds of fellowship through their example.


Y’Basden Striding traces its roots back to the earliest days of the Empire and was first established by three Navarr outcasts (The Three Thorns) who banded together out of a mutual and visceral dislike for each other and a desire to both ‘one up’ and profit from each other’s failures. Their bond was later cemented by an event known as “The Battle of the Black Woods” - an incident where reputedly they destroyed (and looted) an entire raiding contingent of a hundred barbarians whilst outwitting a pursuing force of vallorn. Official Imperial records cast doubts around the stories of this alleged event. The story drew like-minded citizens and the striding grew in relation to their reputation (or notoriety) throughout the Empire. It is not uncommon in bars for many tall tales to be told of The Three Thorns' exploits with eternals or adventures across battlefields. It is assumed that most of these tales are allegorical in nature as many conflict with established Imperial historical records (or are simply too far-fetched to be believable). In the intervening years, the direction of the striding went through many changes in both role, name, and attitude. These ranged from fringe outcasts to established traders, mercenary bands and even a period outside of Imperial territory… allegedly. Y’Basden Striding was the eventual result. A disciplined fighting force led by a trio of leaders; The Wit, The Wisdom and The Brand in honour of the original Three Thorns. They consider themselves serving soldiers who will give anyone, including non-Navarr, a chance to travel with them awhile and they take pride in their ability to scout into dangerous, even vallorn, territory. Their reputation as an aggressive and effective fighting force on the battlefield has yet to be disproved. Visits to Anvil are considered opportunities for rest and relaxation and as a result they can seem a little less refined than the average Imperial citizen but tend to treat allies as firm family regardless of nation or circumstance. The last decade has had them at the lead of insurgency actions in Liathaven where they have helped found the Black Scar Thornborn along with the support of other Liathaven stridings and steadings.

Longest Path.png
Longest Path

The Longest Path

During his many battles fighting for Navarr, Merionnen the Bloody Huge felt the Empire had lost its way. He felt that the Empire was focused on making decisions for short term gains and were not considering the long term consequences of their actions. That they had lost sight of the quest to reclaim Navarr’s lost lands, especially Liathaven. Over the following months, Merionnen shared his views with the people he met on the trods and wayhouses - eventually joining like-minded people into a new striding - The Longest Path.

The striding is interested in pushing Navarr forward, using all the tools available - whether it is words, weapons or wit. They believe that actions and inaction all have consequences, that understanding and planning for those consequences grants an advantage over perceived rivals. The striding understands the need to strengthen Navarr’s voice in the Empire – to reclaim what is Navarr’s and to build the nation’s influence. Supporting Navarri ambitions brings strength to all. With no set abode, members of Longest Path scatter across the nation (and the wider Empire) between summits – seeking opportunities for Navarr to grow in land and spirit.

The Roamer Striding

A newly formed striding, bringing together those Navarr with a passion to destroy the Vallorn. Created by an individual that travelled alone for many years, Loma the Roamer finally found his purpose. Years of pushing back the Vallorn husks, and delving deeper and deeper into the Vallorn in Broceliande created an urge inside to do something meaningful with his life. Spring magic bubbled within, forcing him to ignore his calling no more.

Sloane was rescued from the Broch, a dangerous area surrounded by the Vallorn. Her tenacity to keep the husks away from her farmlands and family was not enough, and left her alone, realising that only with numbers could her campaign to destroy the Vallorn be successful.

Alani is the latest addition to the striding, found deep within Broceliande, striving to find the heart of the Vallorn, or anything that could be used to explain it’s existence, and importantly its destruction. Saved by the Roamer Striding and now with forces combined, the battle to end the ancient enemy is renewed once more.

Only the most fervent haters of the Vallorn will be invited to join this striding, and where these brave adventurers roam is definitely not for the faint hearted.

Winters Reach
Winters Reach

Winter's Reach

Completed in the months preceding Autumn 384YE, under the enduring effects of Wither the Seed, the construction of the Steading of Winter's Reach was completed in the region overlooking the eaves of the weirwood forest found in Westwood, Liathaven by the remnants of the Companions of Tarw and other Liathaven refugees. A new hope for the dwindling few remaining Liathaven Navarr.

The steading formed a bastion against the encroaching vallorn and miasma-affected creatures leaving Liath's Heart into Westwood and provided a resting and trading location for the Black Scar, civil servants and other Imperials still operating across the territory.

During the Jotun's reconquest of Liathaven in Winter 384YE, the battle-hardened Liathaven survivors escaped into the numerous hidden pathways of the great forest as a striding once more.


"With bloody fingers we weave"
The Thornweaver Striding live by the examples left by a draughir known only as the Weaver who according to local tales managed to unite two warring steadings that had lost their way. The moral being that the Empire is stronger when its citizens and nations are forged together through hard work. As their oath states "With bloody fingers, we will weave strength into the Empire". The members of the striding are a varied homogeny of talents who enter into all parts of society, identifying needs and then working together to link those with problems to those with solutions, if they are not capable of solving the issue themselves.

Rather than always travelling together the striding work like a logistics company splitting, reuniting and then splitting again into different permutations as needed. The striding has most of its holdings in Hercynia with Treji as a central point. After the Thule attack on Treji the striding had to regrow and has welcomed the Blackhawk striding into their ranks.



The founder of the Greywood striding was originally a yeofolk of Dawn. Realising the life of A Dawnish noble wasn't for him he abandoned the nation and journeyed to Therunin to explore a new way of life. Whilst sat under a grey wooded tree the inspiration to form a striding, built on cooperation, came to him. He set out on the trods encountering passionate individuals with his desire to walk the trods with him and commit their lives to the service of others as family.

The Greywood's belief is that a person who belongs is an asset to the Empire more so than someone without direction and if someone is lost on the path it is the striding’s duty to assist them.

The striding aims for the prosperity of all individuals. Those who have been invited to join are encouraged to pursue their own goals and find their true place in the great dance. Whether it be guiding new members to their aspirations or fighting on the frontlines as a unit, to many other ways of finding purpose.


A proud Striding, the Pathfinders lay claim to a heritage that reaches all the way back to Navarr & Thorn and the months following the fall of Terunael. Sprung from the village of Tywyn, in Brocéliande, the folk who would become the original Pathfinders were inspired by the lovers’ tale of courage in face of the newly born Vallorn; hope for the restoration of the lost empire; and their commitment to each other. It is a message the Pathfinders help to spread to every corner of the Empire to this day. Time changes us all, and though the Pathfinders’ birthplace is in Brocéliande, the Striding has been happy to welcome citizens from across the Empire and beyond. Helping them take the Binding of Thorns, and with it the oaths that the original Pathfinders made so long ago. Today, many of the Striding hail from the South and Western Empire, with refugees from Liathaven and former Freeborn making up many of their number. As you can imagine the Pathfinders are best known as skilled traders, alchemists, healers, artisans as well as, boasting a coven of powerful Winter Vates. However, while by no means a Thornborn, the martial spirit of the Pathfinders should not be underestimated. Under the leadership of their current Brand, Valeska, the entire striding sold their farms, mines, and businesses to take up arms and recruit fighters to aid in the liberation of Liathaven. Always on the lookout for lost or badly maintained trods, Pathfinders will often be found volunteering to act as war scouts or stride at the vanguard of a campaign in search of the darkest paths and lost trods where others fear to tread.

Swift Hart

Swift Hart.jpg
Swift Hart

In 385YE four Navarri became separated from their military unit. Lost within the dense Hercynian pines and greatly outnumbered by the looming Cold Sun they would not have found their way had it not been for a startled hart. Swiftly, they pursued this creature back to the trods carrying with them news of the Cold Sun's movements. These wanderers who had been independent, traversing the paths of the empire alone, found their paths within the great dance were now intertwined.