To ratify treaty with the Iron Confederacy. That the Iron Confederacy agrees to step down trade embargo to sanction. In return for the Empire instructing the magistrates to co-operate with the Suranni templars in tracking down members of the Hand of Dumon.

Proposed Miekarova, Seconded Miaren


  • The motion presents a treaty negotiated by the Ambassador to the Iron Confederacy.
  • The treaty has two provisions: the Iron Confederacy will remove the embargo on trade with the Empire, replacing it with sanctions.
  • The Imperial magistrates will cooperate with Suranni templars in tracking down members of the illegal Hand of Dumon.
  • Passed


  • Autumn 384YE.


  • The treaty has been enacted by the Civil Service; new trade status is dependant on the Iron Confederacy also ratifying the treaty
  • The treaty is subject to some additional scrutiny as the Imperial magistrates determine the best way to cooperate with the Suranni templars.