To cooperate with Axos in the following ways:

1. To Provide maps of the Mountains of the Moon.

2. Allow them to use the Sarangrave spy network.

3. Invite Axou military captains to defend the Eastern Brokerage in Therunin and extend the territories’ offer of payment to them.

4. Formally invite the people of Maykop to allow select students at the College to apply for places studying at the great centres of learning in the Empire.

5. Permit the ambassador to purchase land at the Quayside in Issyk in Axos.

These points are combined into one Treaty, to save senate time and motions;

Military Council voted in favour of the military aspects, and no resources are required.

Proposed by Therunin, seconded by Morrow



  • Autumn 383YE


  • Unknown


  • None

Campaign Outcome

The additional rewards offered to soldiers prepared to defend Therunin are being offered by private Imperial citizens, not by the Senate. As such this treaty has no power to extend that payment to the Axou; it will be up to the Navarr citizens of Therunin whether they choose to provide these rewards to Axou soldiers. It is unconstitutional for the Senate to demand that Imperial citizens use their wealth in a mandated fashion.


With regards to the section "These points are combined into one Treaty, to save senate time and motions", it is not possible to combine points together to save the senate time and motions. It is either a treaty agreed with a foreign power as defined in the powers of the ambassador, or it is not a treaty.