To repair the pits of Enderlund.

Proposed by Sermersuaq, seconded by Mitwold.


  • The Great Pits of Ennerlund in Holberg were liberated by Imperial forces.
  • The Druj collapsed the Great Pits in Winter 378YE, and destroyed the pumping mechansisms. In addition to great loss of life, the mineworkings were rendered inoperable.
  • Passed at 0 Thrones.


Spring 379YE


  • Materials: 250 Thrones
  • Time: 9 months
  • Upkeep: If the Great Pits are restored, their standard upkeep would apply.


  • 250 Thrones provided by Bridget Eastville of The Marches after Spring Equinox 379YE.
  • The Great Pits were initially predicted to begin producing mithril again after Spring Equinox 380YE, with the first resources being delivered at Summer 380YE. Following the extensive haunting of the mines, this prediction has been pushed back a season; the pits will begin producing mithril again after the Summer Solstice 380YE, with the first mithril received in time for the Autumn Equinox.

Campaign Outcome

  • The Great Pits were fully repaired, returning to their full pre-destruction production of 27 wains of mithril a season.