The Spider's Dream bridge is in a sorry state of repair. I ask for funds towards the fixing of the bridge

Proposed by Madruga, seconded by Feroz.



  • Passed Spring 377YE (Event Two 2013).


  • 20 wains of weirwood.


  • 20 wains of weirwood provided by Avisena i Ezmara i Guerra (Senator for Madruga)
  • The project is complete


  • If the bridge is restored to full operation, the Spider's Tollkeep sinecure would be reinstated.

Restoring the bridge allows for the reinstatement of the Spider's Tollkeep sinecure. This sinecure provides a portion of the money raised in tolls, and the holder of the title is decided by unanimous decision of the Senators of the Brass Coast and the League. The holder of the sinecure receives 2 Thrones every season. The sinecure lapsed entirely during the reign of Emperor Walter as the poor condition of the bridge has made it impossible to provide any money to the holder. Recent repairs have re-instated the sinecure, which is currently vacant.

Campaign Outcome

  • If the bridge collapses, the civil service estimates that all businesses in Madruga and Sarvos will lose a crown from their income.
  • The civil service estimates it will cost 120 wains of weirwood to replace the bridge entirely should it collapse.

It is impossible to predict how close to collapse the bridge was before its repair; the complexity of its construction makes estimation a matter of pure guesswork. Reputable engineers cautiously predict it was quite close to the point of no return beyond which repairs would be less effective than knocking it down and starting again.


  • The Spider's Tollkeep will again be available for appointment at the Autumn Equinox 377YE.