We have an unprecedented opportunity to discover more about the likely birthplace of the Exemplars Atun and Atuman, as well as to discover more about the history of the Way and the peoples who came to this land to found the Empire. To this aim I intend to instruct two teams of historical researchers to travel to the Sarcophan Delves to take advantage of an opportunity negotiated by the Ambassador Shackle Breaker Thanmir, Caleb of the Cenotaph, and the Bedelaar Huisbaas Annike. The aim of this should be to investigate the history of the people who inhabited the Delves prior to its original collapse, their reason for leaving, and their religion; as well as to attempt to find references to the Exemplars Atun and Atuman. Investigations should start at the Congregation of the Horse, building on the results of previous investigations undertaken by Klaus von Sarcophan and with the support of the Diepenbeek family. This will also include investigations into the significance of the Labyrinth pendant located during previous precursor studies.
Announced by the Minister of Historical Research



  • Summer Solstice 383YE