The Shadowglyn Distillery is located in the Hercynian Glen of Shadows, on the lowest slopes of the Northpines. It was once famous for its rare drinks before its partial destruction. Known by connoisseurs of strong spirits throughout the Empire, their fine single malt, aged in pinewood casks, was considered near the pinnacle of the distillers' art (albeit something of an acquired taste). During a pitched battle between the Thule and the Navarr defenders, the distillery was gutted by fire, the people killed or enslaved, and the grain fields ruined by thoughtless barbarians.

Only a few dozen bottles of the 372YE vintage are known to have escaped the fire, and are considered at least as valuable as bottles of the 69YE vintage (said to have a slightly salty taste, attributed to the tears of the Navarr distillers at the news of the death of Empress Richilde) and the 204YE (when a particularly nasty winter destroyed over nine-tenths of the grain used in the production of the whiskey).

In Spring of 378, the partially ruined distillery was restored and reopened by Wern Taur Thorntarry, a Navarr brewer. Citizens wait eagerly to see if the drinks created by the new distillery will rival its former glory.