This short report was prepared by Aili Marjasdottir and presented to Siân Eternal, then Advisor on the Vallorn at the Autumn Equinox. It represents everything that could be found about this figure, allegedly a companion of the much more well known Navarr and Thorn, heroes of the Navarr people. Sadly, Aili is no longer with us to be able to provide any further details as she died peacefully in Winter 382YE

Letter from Aili Marjasdottir

Sian Eternal,

My apologies for the brevity of this letter, however, I hope that the exciting proposition that is contained within it will make up for the lack of information on the one that is known as Star.

I have tried to find what information i can about the one known as Star, as you are probably aware, the most common reference to her are Star-Sworn Legacies, the combination of Green Iron Axe and Dragonbone Rod that can be made by our Artisans. The artisans of Treji (before they were taken by the Thule) used to make these items under the stars telling stories of her deeds. I have tried to track down some of these stories, but it seems that all those who knew of her deeds are with the group of Runesmiths who are still in captivity or slain by the Thule. Of all the artisans taken, Eirwen Stones Rest is said to be the most adept at making Star-Sworn Legacies and could probably tell more of Star’s story if she was found. Stone’s rest steading is a small group of Artisans who were formed from Grey Stone striding just before Ethan Grey Stone travelled south to Miaren to form Snow’s Thaw striding leaving Draustra Grey Stone to stay in Hercynia to keep Winter’s Vigil.

What few records there are about Star, are that she was a powerful vate who was believed to be the daughter of a powerful magister. We have tried to find information about the magisters of Seren, and it seems that her father had travelled from a different city, one to the south east, as far as we are aware in Axos lands.

Whilst investigating Star’s father, we have potentially found some leads that point toward the unnamed Terunael city in Axos. The city is an enigma - even its existence was just conjecture until very recently. If you use your power as Advisor to commission us to investigate that city, the normal 5 throne fee would be enough for us to visit the Towers of Kantor and supply a small exposition into the Vallorn there to see if we can discover more.

While we could simply head to Axos, it would be better if you could secure permission from the Axous - I would suggest speaking to the Imperial Ambassador to Axos - who I believe in as Uriseni called Tarquinius of Ankarien. Even if he simply informs the Axou we are coming, that should smooth our way.

What is known about Star is that she was one of the first to set up her home in Sanctuary Falls (Now called Rhonwen’s Fall) and set up a fortified steading behind the falls there. There are little other records about Star. Looking at Imperial Records, there are a few mentions. One is coincidentally a record of Badden Eternal, the then Spring Archmage, from the rule of Empress Aenea, who was researching the life of Star before placing a declaration into conclave (and a similar motion was passed by the senator for Miaren) that there was no benefit to the Empire for looking into such a matter.

This declaration was passed with an overwhelming majority, but was the last motion that the Archmage made, since that same conclave session there was a declaration of sorcery placed upon them. This declaration failed but the Archmage soon steeped down from their position.

There was a similar declaration made by Enys Weirstone - the first Grandmaster of the shuttered lantern - in the rule of Empress Mariika that finding records of Star should not be a priority in recapturing the History of the Empire.

The last time a request to find information out about Star was placed into Conclave, Empress Deanne used her veto to stop the research going ahead.

I am sorry that we could not find more information on Star for you. As my esteemed colleague, Albus Thornspire, wrote in the last research he collated:

“There are records that Star returned to Sanctuary Falls several times and it is even thought that she died there, although any investigation into her life from the falls has been bet with resistance from Navarr over that time. It is unknown why, although it is more recently claimed that all records from her life have been lost.”

May we walk the Path of Wisdom always,

Aili Marjasdottir