Night Magnitude 10

Performing the Ritual

Performing this ritual takes at least 2 minutes of roleplaying. At the end of the ritual one of the contributors is chosen to deliver the curse with a pronouncement of doom.

This effect is a curse. A target may be under more than one curse at a time.


This ritual creates a curse that is delivered to a target with a pronouncement of doom: one contributor is chosen to deliver the curse. If the curse is not delivered within fifteen minutes, the chosen contributor suffers its effects instead.

While under the curse, the target experiences a powerful roleplaying effect; whenever they experience an emotion, they experience it much more powerfully than normal. They may switch between one powerful emotion and another suddenly and without warning. They feel an urge to oppose anything they see as restraining their behaviour, whether it is a law, an expectation of society, or a sign that says 'quiet please' on it. These sensations surge and recede; the curse is most likely to impact the roleplaying of the character at dramatically appropriate moments.

Under this effect, the target should respond to any roleplaying effect that attempts to dampen their expression of emotions, or to create feelings of calm, clarity or tranquillity, with a passionate outburst of an emotion such as anger, happiness or enthusiasm.

In addition, the target cannot use hero points or similar sources of spiritual strength to overcome the roleplaying effect created by this curse. They may overcome other roleplaying effects using the normal rules.

The effect lasts until the start of the next Profound Decisions Empire event.

Removing the Curse

The ritual Crystal Clarity of the Rational Soul is frequently used to counter the effect of Unfettered Anarchy. The effect of that enchantment replaces, but does not remove, any other roleplaying effect the target is currently experiencing - meaning that for as long as the enchantment persists the target feels calm and relaxed (as per the description of that enchantment). When that enchantment ends, any other auras that the character is experiencing resume, assuming they have not expired.


This simple curse is difficult to deal with, causing extremes of emotion to overwhelm the target. This curse can be emotionally and physically exhausting. On a few occasions, subjects have made themselves very ill indeed by forgetting to eat or drink while filled with enthusiasm and in the grip of powerful emotions. Worse, it encourages otherwise staid people to express unrestrained passions, speak their mind at inappropriate moments, and indulge in momentary whims with a dangerous intensity.

Common Elements

This ritual often involves a symbolic 'freeing' of the target from chains or bonds. Narcotics are a common element, as is the consumption of strong drink or herbal preparations. Fires that are stoked and made brighter, or music and dance that begins quietly and becomes faster and more exuberant, are also regular components of this ritual. As with many curses this ritual often involves a recitation of the grievances against the target; the rune Zorech is unsurprisingly a common element.