Rune: Zorech

The Flame, Rune of Passion

Affiliated with the Realm of Night

The Flame represents strong emotion, but not just romantic or carnal feelings. It represents strong feelings, especially feelings and instincts that overwhelm reason or restraint. Fire expresses the idea that passion is dual-natured - a fire can warm and illuminate, bring comfort and offer the promise of safety. It can also rage out of control, consuming and destroying everything in its path until it burns out, leaving only cold embers behind. As the Rune of Destructive Passions, it is called the Inferno.

This is the rune of hatred, vengeance and fury as well as love in its various forms, but it is also the Rune of Joy. It represents any powerful or compelling emotion. Zorech is bold and uncompromising; it overcomes impediments by whatever means are necessary and is consequently often seen as being a selfish rune. Yet Zorech also governs those passions that drive the most heroic of actions; these profound emotions may help a soldier be victorious over a hated foe, or drive a lover to acts of incredible daring to spend one night with the object of her affections.

Zorech also represents disorder, and the collapse of hierarchy and tradition. It is a rune of social chaos, rather than the uncontrollable natural chaos of Mawrig the Spring Rune of Storms. Embracing passion frees one from societal constraint, and there are many who would argue that the first step to understanding this rule is to abandon conventional ideas of politeness and acceptable behaviour. All of this means that while the rune has many positive connotations, but is often mistrusted because of its dangerous duality. Several priests are deeply suspicious of this rune due to its obvious correspondence to the malign spiritual presences of anarchy, vengeance and hatred.

The rune is often found on weapons wielded by Freeborn Kohan, and is also popular with the Hakima magicians of that nation due to its correspondence with the idea of using passion and strong emotion to fight or work magic. In combination with Aesh, Rune of Thought, it is a symbol of Arete for some Urizen sentinels. It is also a common symbol for Kallavesi warriors to bear as a tattoo or brand. Some Navarr paint the rune on themselves before seeking vengeance or fighting a hated opponent - especially warriors who must enter an area of vallorn for some reason.

The Eternal Janon exemplifies many of the attitudes and themes of Zorech, and is often referred to as the shadowed fire.

Using Zorech in magic

The Rune of Passion is used most commonly in workings designed to inflame passion. Harnessed by another rune it can be a powerful source of energy - it is often combined with Aesh, the Rune of Thought, to represent passion channelled by reason. Some magicians evoke Zorech when performing the Empower Incantation.

Crafting with Zorech

Even more so than Xun, Zorech is inscribed on musical instruments, especially drums. It is also found on weapons and shields, especially among those warriors who fight with passion, especially those who hate or seek vengeance against their enemies.

For Machine Embroidery

Here is a digitized version of Zorech in .jef format, suitable for a 7x5 hoop. File:RuneZorech.jef

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