Rune: Sular

The Ship, Rune of Discovery

Affiliated with the Realm of Day

Sular is the Ship, and is the counterpart of Ophis, Rune of Revelation. It represents the questing spirit, the drive to learn and to expand one’s knowledge. It is the drive to explore, and to find things. It is sometimes called the Finder of Ways, and is often sewn into the sails of ships that must travel out of sight of land. It is sometimes used as a rune to help those who are lost, either literally or metaphorically, to get back on course.

Discovery never comes without effort; unlike the flash of inspiration that leads to revelation, Sular works best when combined with hard work. It is the rune of prognostication, which extrapolates from known facts to uncover truth. During divination, Sular is sometimes used to mitigate the negative effects of Ophis. The Rune of Revelation represents the truth or fact that is sought, while Sular serves as an intermediary that helps to guide the power of the magic.

Highborn magicians say that Sular was the name of the ship that carried Atun away from Pharos, while some Guerra claim that their founder used a dowsing pendulum marked with this rune to lead the Freeborn to their new homeland. In Varushka it is common to see Sular embroidered into gifts given during a Parting, in the hope that the rune will help guide a loved one safely home again.

Using Sular in magic

Sular is evoked with magic that finds things, scries locations or prognosticates from gathered information. It is a common rune to use when casting detect magic.

Crafting with Sular

This rune is popular with scholars who often wear it on a medallion or ring, or even have it as a tattoo. Sailmakers and shipwrights use it when building seagoing vessels to help guide vessels safely home, and for the same reason may be inscribed on a gift given to a loved one who must spend an extended period of time away from home.

For Machine Embroidery

Here is a digitized version of Sular in .jef format, suitable for a 7x5 hoop. File:RuneSular.jef

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