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The Road, Rune of Chance

Ull is the rune of chance, the counterpart of Gralm the rune of destiny. Unlike many other runes it does not have an association with one of the realms of magic. It is a highly mystical rune, and defies easy definition. In conjunction with Gralm, it represents the concept of skein. It represents those things that affect the passage through life which are not the result of a personal choice. Some blasphemous cultists who profess fatalism use Ull as their symbol.

Some mystics call Ull The Coin (or rarely The Dice). It is sometimes misinterpreted as representing randomness - but Ull does not represent the chaos of infinite possibility; rather it represents the many things that could happen at any given moment. Like the tossed coin or the rolled die, there are a finite number of outcomes to any moment or event. Ull does not care if the outcome is good or bad, only that there is an outcome.

The Road also represents opportunity - the chance to perform a deed that the individual must choose to grasp, or allow to slip through their fingers. It represents the ability of individuals to perform great deeds, whether for good or ill, based on seemingly chance encounters and events.

Using Ull in magic

Ull is useful in any magic that relies on serendipity, or on altering the likelihood that events will or will not occur. It is sometimes used as an intensifier, especially with curses that bring doom down on a target.

Crafting with Ull

Ull is rarely used in crafting. Outside of divination, it commonly appears on simple medallions worn by those seeking adventure. Some gamblers replace the 1 or the 6 on a dice with Ull.

For Machine Embroidery

Here is a digitized version of Ull in .jef format, suitable for a 7x5 hoop. File:RuneUll.jef

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