Rune: Hirmok

The Scythe, Rune of Dominion

Affiliated with the Realm of Autumn

Hirmok is the well-tended field, the orderly demesne of the strong ruler. It is the boundary that defines a sphere of influence and rejects all else. That which is Hirmok is bent to one service; all strength and resources moulded into something greater.

Amongst its concerns are the orderly imposition of the will over the vagaries of mortal nature and the elements. As such it can be a harsh rune, and is sometimes called the Tyrant’s Rune, but in truth it could be seen as perfectly in accord with the Imperial Virtue of Loyalty.

This is also a rune that indicates mastery of the self, or of outside forces. In Urizen for example it is sometimes combined with Aesh the Rune of Thought to represent Arete.

More than reach, the rune concerns itself with grasp, it is a claim that has been staked and will be defended. The ancient trolls often erected stone piles with this rune to mark the boundaries of their petty kingdoms, and Marcher beaters sometimes employ a similar scratchmark when beating the bounds. The great gates of Holberg are said to have it stamped on every brick, every piece of timber and every nail as one simple warning: what’s ours shall never be let go.

Using Hirmok in magic

The Rune of Dominion is evoked in magic that controls other forces, and it is often used as part of dangerous or destructive rituals to control and channel the release of energies. It is sometimes evoked in magic of binding or geasing, especially when one of the parties involved is not voluntary. Finally, it is a powerful rune when used in magic that identifies possessions or defines an area especially for warding purposes. Some magicians evoke Hirmok when performing the entangle incantation.

Crafting with Hirmok

While it has some negative connotations, it is a common rune found on jewellery that is used to signify leadership, such as the Seigneur ring of League Merchant Princes or the coronet of an Earl.

Call upon that which beats back the wild growth of spring, carefully stores up the golden harvests of Summer and guards against the ruin of winter.

For Machine Embroidery

Here is a digitized version of Hirmok in .jef format, suitable for a 7x5 hoop. File:RuneHirmok.jef

Aesh.png Bravash.png Cavul.png Diras.png Evrom.png Feresh.png Gralm.png Hirmok.png Irremais.png
Aesh Bravash Cavul Diras Evrom Feresh Gralm Hirmok Irremais
Jotra.png Kyrop.png Lann.png Mawrig.png Naeve.png Ophis.png Pallas.png Queros.png Rhyv.png
Jotra Kyrop Lann Mawrig Naeve Ophis Pallas Queros Rhyv
Sular.png Tykonus.png Ull.png Verys.png Wyr.png Xun.png Yoorn.png Zorech.png
Sular Tykonus Ull Verys Wyr Xun Yoorn Zorech The Unnamed