This spell binds the target, preventing them from moving their feet for a short period. Some victims of the spell describe the sensation of invisible chains shacking them to the spot, while others speak of finding it impossible to make their legs move (as if paralysed), or speak of feeling a massive weight holding them in place. As with repel and paralysis, incantations that employ similar magical principles, it has both offensive and defensive applications. A magician might use it to hold an attacker in place while they retreat or to prevent their quarry from fleeing. While the spell appears on the surface to be weaker than the paralysis spell, it has two significant advantages. First, it requires less mana to cast. Second, it is just as effective against an opponent with a shield or who is adept at parrying a magicians implement.

It is often employed by magically adept members of the Imperial militia, by Imperial Orc thief-takers, and by other professionals who are engaged in capturing fugitives. At the same time, it also proves popular with those who for whatever reason need to avoid representatives of Imperial law - it is particularly popular with many mountebanks who use it to evade capture by members of the militia and orcish thief-takers.

Several magic items exist that employ the power to entangle opponents, often in the form of magical staffs. The Landskeeper's Oath for example empowers any magician to make use of this spell on the battlefield, while the Amberglass Chain and Ethereal Manacle both allow the use of the spell without depleting stores of personal mana. Some items increase the versatility of the spell; the Furrowed Wake for example allows a magician who has mastered entangle to modify the force involved to sweep an opponent off their feet rendering them even more vulnerable - or providing more time to make an escape. More potently, the exotic Thorns of the Rose allow a suitably skilled wielder to inflict a merciless strike against someone they have entangled.

The incantation has a strong association with Autumn magic - the Inescapable Chains of Bitter Glass ritual allows a magician to entangle a whole crowd of people for example, while the Brazen Claws of the Lictor empower ritualists with the sinister capabilities of the eternals of the same name to capture their prey.



You may call ENTANGLE against the target struck by your implement.

Entangle makes it impossible for the target to move their feet for ten seconds. They may otherwise move and fight normally.

The target is entangled even if they parry your blow with a weapon or shield.

Sample Spellcasting Vocals

  • "Hirmok's grasp hold you still - ENTANGLE!"
  • "I call upon the Door and close it behind you - ENTANGLE!"
  • "I have you now, snared in my web of magic - ENTANGLE!"
  • "By my might, I command the tides of battle - ENTANGLE!"

Common Elements

  • Rune Magic: Hirmok is the quintessential Rune used to cast this spell, as the magician dominates the target's movement. A magician prone to showing off might make some grand gesture as she invokes Feresh or Verys, controlling the flow of battle with her magic.
  • Astronomancy: The crushing weight of The Mountain is often invoked to hold the target as if by a great weight, and "closing The Door" may be used to prevent the target from fleeing or advancing.
  • Dramaturgy: The Prince is sometimes invoked to command the target to remain still, though The Bishop may be argued to have more authority. Rarely, The Mountebank may be invoked, trapping the target as the trickster character ensnares her mark before moving in for the kill.
  • Other traditions: A Dawnish witch might echo the enervating roar of the chimera when casting this spell, and a Navarri vate might invoke the Great Dance - stopping the target in their tracks, or making them miss a crucial step.
  • Realms: This spell has a strong connection with the lore of the Autumn realm.