This spell allows a magician to support heroic soldiers on the battlefield, helping them to use their martial skills at key moments. It is equally effective when used to grant strength to a neophyte warrior as to a veteran hero. Anyone who can wield a weapon can benefit from the magical enhancement that empower provides.

It is often associated with the Dawnish; there are many stories of enchanters using it to direct their fellow nobles. It is also popular with the Urizen both for supporting their sentinels, and for directing a warrior to unleash a specific valuable attack at a pivotal moment in an engagement.

Some magicians view this spell as strengthening or inspiring their target. More cynical or arrogant magicians think of it in terms of using a warrior as a living weapon to achieve their aims on the battlefield. Magical scholars point to it as being similar to a short-lived enchantment - they draw parallels with magical rituals such as Swan's Cruel Wing or Horizon's Razor Edge. The magical energy provided by the spell is very short-lived, however, and does not interfere with a magical enchantment - meaning it can even be used to empower warriors who are already benefiting from more powerful magic such as Barked Command of the Iron Serjant.

Several magic items exist that allow a magician to make more use of the empower incantation, such as the Roaring Chimera Rod and Glamourweave Robe which allow a magician to cast the spell many more times each day. The potent ritual Glorious Crown of Enchantment likewise increases the number of times the spell can be cast, with the additional advantage that its power can be replenished with the correct potion or access to a chamber enchanted to restore reserves of magical power. There is also a ritual - Stag Knight's Glory - that creates a very similar effect, potentially on a large group of combatants.



You may allow the target to make a single heroic call based on the weapon that they are using within 10 seconds. They may call STRIKEDOWN if they are wielding a polearm, IMPALE if they are wielding a great weapon or CLEAVE if they are wielding a one handed weapon, or a one handed spear. The target cannot use an implement to deliver an empowered blow.

Sample Spellcasting Vocals

  • Ophis reveal your hidden strength! EMPOWER!
  • Inga Tarn guide your hand! EMPOWER!
  • (to an orc) Ancestors guide your hand!
  • As the lion roars, let fury fill you! EMPOWER!
  • For one moment, the Stork guides your hand. EMPOWER!
  • One blow to turn the tide! EMPOWER!
  • Share of my strength! EMPOWER!
  • Listen to your ancestors and strike now! EMPOWER!
  • Ambition empowers! EMPOWER Suggested by Pascal Siddons

Common Elements

  • Rune Magic: Any of the Gryphon Runes will serve caster and target well when invoked, though some prefer to invoke Hirmok or Cavul to lend expertise - granting the target "dominion" over their weapon or gifting them with "purity" to strike truly, rather than simply granting them strength. Mawrig may be invoked, particularly when the subject will use their new strength to cripple an enemy with a single blow.
  • Astronomancy: The Oak is by far the most common of the constellations called upon when casting this spell, though as with invoking Cavul, The Stork may also be used to imbue the subject with the skill needed to make a decisive strike. The Claw can be called upon, particularly when the subject will go on to CLEAVE an enemy with their new strength, or more rarely, The Mountain may be used to lend monstrous strength to a polearm's STRIKEDOWN.
  • Dramaturgy: The Captain is strongly associated with this spell, both for the caster - one who gives strength to others - and for the subject, who strikes truly and Virtuously. The Bishop may also be invoked, lending strength to another.
  • Blood Magic: A blood magician who is also a warrior may use their own blood, but more often the magician makes a small cut on the arm or shoulder of the target - enough to spill a little blood. Depending on the situation, the warrior may already be bleeding - and tracing a quick sigil in blood a warrior has already spilled while fighting has a strong resonance with this spell.
  • Other traditions: A Dawnish witch might evoke the spirit of the mythical unicorn or the martial prowess of the chimera when casting this spell. A theurgist might invoke the name of a warrior-paragon such as Adelmar the Lion, or the name of an inspirational figure known for wielding a specific weapon (for example, Inga Tarn might be evoked to aid someone using a two-handed weapon). A goeticist might call on Zakalwe, Janon, Estavus, or almost any Summer eternal.
  • Realms: This spell is strongly associated with the lore of the Summer realm. Some magicians - especially those who see themselves as directing or commanding the warriors around them - see a resonance with Autumn lore