These rhymes are spoken all over the Empire and often nations have their own versions. Children sometimes use these chants in games or when picking (like Eeenie Meenie Minie Mo).

Virtue Rhymes

Ambition, Prosperity, Loyalty, Pride - Empire strong and the foeman outside Courage and Wisdom, and Vigilance true - Empire's future depends upon you

Pride - play each game as it ought to be played Prosperity - share the good things you have made Wisdom - know when you don't know and should ask Courage to act and not flinch from the task Loyalty during both good times and bad Ambition to make this the best life you've had Vigilance always, and seeing things true Empire's future depends upon you.

Pride - know the great stuff your nation has done. Prosperity - help everybody have fun Wisdom - your words should be clever, but brief Courage - strong heart kicks an orc inna teef. Loyalty - keep to your family strong Ambition - keep going, you'll never go wrong. Vigilance - keep your friends faithful and true. Empire's future depends upon you.

Nation Rhymes

Here is Varuskha, who keep to the light, Here's the Navarri - they're good in fight Here's Urizen who are magic and clever Here's Wintermark who are Loyal forever. Here are the Marches who toil in the sun. Here is the League who can get the job done. Here are the Freeborn who come from Brass Coast Here are the Orcs who will eat you on toast, Here are the Highborn who keep to the faith, Here are the Dawnish who who test you to death!

Physick Rhymes

Blue Mazzarine to save a limb Grey Bladeroot stems a weakness dim Red Roseweald poison's power breaks True Vervain body's healing wakes Though Marrowort takes soldiers' pain At battle's end they'll fall again

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