Hey Daddy, if I'm not allowed to sing this because it's rude then why did you start laughing as soon as the lady left the tent?

There are a few children's rhymes in Dawn and The Marches that are very rude and only sung by very naughty children. Expect to get yourself and your parents in trouble if anyone catches you singing this!

To the tune of Freres Jacques.

Dawnish version

Mucky Marcher, mucky Marcher You're no good, you're no good Failed your Test of Mettle, failed your Test of Mettle Go eat mud, go eat mud!

Marcher version

Dawnish dandy, Dawnish dandy Run away, run away We will do the fighting, we will do the fighting, While you play, while you play!

Exceptionally Naughty Chant about the Dawnish Sung Only By Extremely Bad Children

In dawn we all get up at noon I eat my soup with a silver spoon When I want a cup of tea I clap my hands and it's made for me My seneschal's here to wash my hair I can't go out if he's not there He'll change my bib when there's food in it And he wipes my arse when I take a shit