Some said the breeze started in Feroz, blowing on-shore all along the coast from Fontargenta to Oranseri. Others said it came down out of the mountains of Kahraman racing down the passes between Serra Briante and Serra Damata. At first it seemed to be a wind like any other wind... but a wind that speaks to you is an unusual thing to hear, even in the Brass Coast.

The wind blew day and night. Some heard it in the morning while they were getting ready to sail. Some heard it at noon as they took shade from the midday sun. Some heard it in the evening as they sat down their family to feast. Lovers said they heard it in the night between the first and the second sleep. Some said it was a zephyr, some said it was a gale. An old man claimed the wind blew the tiles from his roof. It was different in different places, but the words were always the same. As it blew by it whispered a warning - and an invitation.

"Jotun in Liathaven. Lasambrians in Segura. Grendel off the Coast. Challenges on all sides. A hard time for any to be Free Born. A good time for all hakima to talk. I call council - meet at dusk on the first full day of the summit. I will bring olives. Cande i Riqueza."


A magician, likely a Freeborn magician or coven, has conjured a magical wind and used it to send a message to the hakima of the Brass Coast, calling them to a council at Anvil. There is little else in the message other than some terse references to the troubles facing the Coast and an implication that those who come should bring some hospitality to share.

There has not been a council of the hakima of the Brass Coast since Britta's death. Once the hakima were numerous and influential - but so many died with Britta, that some have even suggested they are now a spent force in the Coast.

When the hakima were numerous they would hold a council to discuss matters of importance to the Brass Coast. By tradition any hakima has the right to call a council - and by tradition any hakima who respects them will bother to turn up. It is not wise to make demands of the hakima of the Brass Coast unless you have something worthwhile to say.

In Britta's time, the council was a private affair. Apart from the egregore those who were not hakima or kohan were not welcome there. Members were often tight-lipped about what was discussed. "A family does not wear its disagreements in public" was a common comment on what went on.


The message invites those who hear it to attend a meeting of the hakima to be held at seven o'clock in the evening on the Saturday of the next summit. Only hakima and kohan are invited to attend.


The magic used to create the message has been targeted at individual hakima and hakima groups such as the Celesti, the Handful of Dust, the House of the Sea Breeze, the Seers of Oran, Seers of the Southern Storms, and Wealth through Mystery.

Any player with a Freeborn character may decide they have heard the message that was carried on the wind - or if they prefer they may choose not to have heard it.

Characters who are not Freeborn did not hear the words attributed to the wind - though of course they may have heard of it through the gossip the wind created.