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The following is a summary of Conclave proceedings during the Winter summit of 379YE.

Scrbe's Note: Due to the unusual weather circumstances, this scribe did not receive full notes on the comings and goings of the Conclave; doubtless many papers were lost to rain and mud. More information may be forthcoming.

The Imperial Titles of the Conclave

The full list of Imperial Titles held in the Conclave at the end of the Winter Solstice, 379 YE, can be found under 379YE Winter Solstice Imperial titles

The following Imperial Titles were appointed by the Conclave during the Winter Solstice, 379 YE:

Conclave Addresses

At the Summit, the following addresses were placed on the Conclave agenda:

Day Speaker Nature of Address
Fri Neb On the Imperial Research into the Vallorn
Fri Archmage of Winter Matters pertaining to the Winter Realm
Fri Edmundo The Wanderer (New Star)
Fri Magistrate Cooper The legal situation on boons from Wendigo
Fri Vaan Names that should be known
Fri Archmage of Autumn Realm of not so awesome
Fri Iulian of Shatterspire Concerning the Vallorn
Fri Nicholas Reaper Take/talk to me about the prosperity curse please
Fri Karim Regarding Basileus Flynt
Fri Asenath Regarding the effects of the constellation and a way of helping
Fri Solsetar The Eternal Kimus and the military situation
Sat Corvus Summer matters
Sat Hellyn Bronwen's Rest The tactical use of battlefield magic
Sat Asenath On magical items found in House of Leaves and exploring potential vs peril
Sat Cyrus, Imperial Magus Senatorial Matters
Sat Alcuin, Archmage of Spring Spring Matters
Sat Faustus, Grandmaster of the Golden Pyramid Matter concerning rituals, transformation and assault
Sat Shona i Ezmara The Guild of Artisans
Sun Vitore van Temeschwar Powers and responsibilities of the Arcane Architect (proxy Veronic de Rezia)
Sun Solsetar (Imperial Seer) Matters of divination
Sun General Nicassia On the use of massive effect battlefield rituals

Conclave Declarations

The Conclave made the following Declarations:

Day Speaker Declaration Outcome
Fri Solsetar Candidacy - Imperial Seer PASSED
Fri Simargl Imperial Lore - Brotherhood of Tian PASSED
Fri Garth Concord - To appoint a librarian to the Library of Phaleron PASSED
Fri Lord Tristram Novarion Interdiction - The white book of the House of the Fallen Leaves FAILED
Fri Volfe of Ashenhall Interdiction - Hallow of the Green World FAILED
Fri Gancius of the League Candidacy - Imperial Seer FAILED
Fri Vaan, Warmage Concord - The Conclave thanks Vahne Korppi for her address and acknowledges her as a candidate for the Throne PASSED
Fri Mari Linkforge, Archmage of Day Concord - This Conclave recognises the arete and achievement of the Auric Horizon in the Realm of Day PASSED
Sat Camillius of Endsmeet Candidacy - Custodian of the Library of Phaleron FAILED
Sat Aquilien of Endsmeet Candidacy - Custodian of the Library of Phaleron FAILED
Sat Garth Candidacy - Custodian of the Library of Phaleron PASSED
Sat Grandmaster of the Sevenfold Path Concord - The Conclave believes that the act of becoming a Herald or Eternal results in death, and this death should be treated as such under full Imperial Law PASSED
Sat Andreas Gremani Candidacy - Archmage of Summer PASSED
Sat Mari Linkforge, Archmage of Day Enmity - Kimus of the Thousand Eyes PASSED
Sat WylI Sorcery - Aedan of Olwen's Stand PASSED
Sat Eudaemon Concord - The Conclave has an interest in a secure exchange of magical knowledge with the Frozen Hearth coven of Faraden FAILED
Sat Faustus, Grandmaster of the Golden Pyramid Concord - They are sorry that the previous apologies were not sent to Jarm PASSED
Sat Faustus Enmity - Basileus Flint FAILED
Sat Vitor van Temeschwar Candidacy - Arcane Architect PASSED
Sat Maurice de Gauvain Candidacy - Archmage of Summer for Aubriete de Gauvain FAILED
Sat Leif Arnbjorn Concord - That if the eternal Murit desires Amity, they should invite Imperial mages to an audience PASSED
Sun Andreas, Archmage of Summer Concord - That we support Cathan Caena over Ellionaris in the war in the summer realm. PASSED
Sun Andreas, Archmage of Summer Enmity - Ellionaris PASSED
Sun Evander Slak Concord - That we recognise the vital contribution of dragonbone by the Academy for keeping the worst ravages of the winter realm at bay PASSED
Sun Kyra Halcyon Concord - The Conclave names the new star following The Wanderer “The Pilgrim” FAILED
Sun Evaristo i Erigo Concord - The Conclave believes that a priest seeking to pass a Synod judgement regarding magical matters should first arrange for an appropriate address or declaration of concord to be raised in Conclave FAILED
Sun Solsetar, Imperial Seer Concord - The Conclave believes that the Imperial Seer should be allowed a gambit to obtain resources to repay covens assisting with divination. PASSED
Sun 'A Magister' Concord - The Conclave recognises the power and wisdom of the Eternals of Winter in inviting tribute from the Magi of the Empire at this Winter Solstice, and presents its gratitude. FAILED

Order Strengths

The strengths of the six Orders at the Conclave this summit were as follows:

Order Friday Strength Saturday Strength Sunday Strength Total Strength
Sevenfold Path 21 3 5 29
Rod & Shield 15 10 8 33
Celestial Arch 14 11 30 35
Golden Pyramid 23 15 8 46
Shuttered Lantern 21 12 10 43
Unfettered Mind 24 10 11 45

Order Vaults

Scribe's Note: This scribe received no notes as to any gambits that took place.