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We request that the civil service conduct an appraisal of the economic consequences of trade sanctions against slavery, and ways to mitigate them, agreed at the Liberty Pact summit affecting trade with Jarm, Asavea, the Thule, the Iron Confederacy, and the Faraden.
Proposed by Holberg, seconded by Necropolis.


  • Commissions an appraisal from the civil service, relating to the new tariffs placed on slaving nations by the Liberty Pact.
  • Only one appraisal may be carried out each season.
  • Passed


  • Winter 382YE

Campaign Outcome

  • The Civil Service prepare a report for the Empire delivered before the Spring Equinox 383YE. You can find details here.


As the first official appraisal, there was some irregularity in how this motion, and the other two proposed appraisals, were dealt with. Going forward, while it is likely the Speaker will arrange a single debate on all appraisals proposed during a session, they will then be voted on in sequence rather than concurrently.