A Cowl of Judgement may take the form of an actual cowl, but it is actually more common for it to take the form of a shawl, veil, or stole (a thick strip of cloth worn over the shoulders), or occasionally a mask. When in use, the cowl is lifted to cover the head or face, but for day-to-day wear it is left loose over the shoulders or carried seperately. Only when the priest is ready to perform the ceremony of excommunication is the cowl lifted, the shawl, veil, or stole raised, or the mask used to cover the face. Traditionally, the cowl is only raised at the point at which there is no possibility of reprieve - some even suggest that it is dangerous or "unlucky" to raise the cowl and then fail to go through with the excommunication - it can demonstrate a frivolous lack of commitment or conviction or a weakness of judgement.

Regardless of the form it takes, a Cowl of Judgement is almost always a bleached white colour., decorated with dragonbone sigils or talismans representing the virtues and the symbols of the Way. A Mask of Judgement is often constructed of porcelain or ivory, carefully shaped and inlaid with dragonbone symbols.

The Cowl of Judgement appeals most to priests who are concerned about the spirituality and dedication of their fellows. It allows them to perform powerful excommunications that are very difficult to remove, and so it is rarely invoked casually. Wearers may encounter suspicion from their fellows; after all, by donning this robe the priest implies that they believe themselves to have both the judgement to evaluate their peers and the will to cast them out if they find them wanting.

As with many such regalia, it is common for a Cowl of Judgement to be hallowed, generally with hallows of Vigilance or Wisdom, or hallows which encourage the wearer to trust their judgement or act with conviction.


  • Form: Talisman. Takes the form of ceremonial regalia. You must be wearing this item to use its magical properties.
  • Requirement: You must have the dedication skill to bond to this item.
  • Effect: When you perform or cooperate with the performance of the excommunication skill, you may spend up to five additional doses of liao to increase the strength or the ceremony by the same amount.
  • Materials: Crafting a Cowl of Judgement requires seven ingots of weltsilver, twenty one measures of beggar's lye, eleven measures of dragonbone, and five measures of iridescent gloaming. It takes one month to make one of these items.