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To accept the offer of the Great Forest Orcs to construct a fortification in the Lower Tarn Valley.

Proposed by Redoubt, Seconded by Segura.


  • This motion accepts the offer of the Great Forest Orcs to undertake the creation of a new fortification, in the Lower Tarn Valley in Therunin.
  • This is the result of an offer by the orcs of the Great Forest.
  • Passed in principle


  • Autumn 381YE


  • As the result of an opportunity, non-standard costs apply.
  • 80 wains of weirwood
  • 20 thrones
  • Time: One Year
  • The fortification does not count against the Empire's limited number of commissions
  • Upkeep: There is no upkeep while the Great Forest orcs command the garrison. If this were to change the standard upkeep cost of 10 Thrones would apply.


  • 10 wains of Weirwood received from Cybi Farkas after the Winter Solstice 381YE.
  • So far insufficient weirwood for a season of work has been provided so no progress has been made toward completing the commission.
  • This commission lapsed at the end of the Autumn Equinox 382YE.

Campaign Outcome

  • This will build a new rank one fortification in the Lower Tarn Valley, called The Holt of the Oak.
  • Constructed by the orcs of the Great Forest, the fortification uses weirwood rather than white granite and does not count against the Senate's number of commissions.
  • The Great Forest orcs provide the garrison, removing the need for the Empire to provide upkeep for the fortification. They will control the fortification.
  • While the treaty with the Great Forest orcs remains in effect, the fortification would be identical to any regular Imperial fortification in practical terms. Any Imperial military unit could still choose to support it in the same way as any other fortification built by an allied force in the Empire, but it would be occupied and defended by the Great Forest Orcs.
  • If the treaty were broken and the Great Forest orcs were motivated to try and seize the Lower Tarn Valley then the fortification would take no part in the initial fighting. If this were to happen, and the orcs to consolidate their control of the region, then the fortification could provide full support to an efforts they made to conquer the territory or resist Imperial forces.
  • As the Holt of the Oak is constructed entirely of weirwood, the opportunity provided by the consecration of the Silent Sentinel does not effect it.


  • This senate motion gives approval for the construction and operation of a fortification by the Great Forest Orcs. This is equivalent to the fortification (but not the region) being ceded to the Orcs - with the campaign effects described as above.