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This army page represents only bare bones information, and will be expanded with more details in the future.
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The Hounds of Glory very publicly strive to be the most glorious army in the Empire; while few are so gauche as to say it openly that comes with the clear understanding of every Hound that that means they are the greatest army in the Empire. The soldiers who fight beneath the banners of the Hounds of Glory have prided themselves on their unstoppable nature since the army was founded. The core of the army are battle-hardened knights arrayed in gleaming armour, their shields proudly displaying their house and personal sigils. They are supported by cadres of archers and witches, but what has long made them unique in the Empire is the Courage and the conviction that they draw from their surety of purpose and their commitment to glory above all other things. In battle they go where the glory is found, where the fighting is thickest, where legends are written.

Driven by the need to prove themselves themselves first among equals, and capitalising on the enthusiasm generated by the Dawnish victories, they have recruited knights from all over Dawn and challenged each to prove their glory in ever more demanding ways. Few can doubt their absolute commitment to their ideals, and their indomitable spirit makes them a formidable force on the battlefield capable of truly remarkable feats

There is some friendly rivalry between the Hounds of Glory and the Golden Sun, and when their soldiers meet they often engage in contests of strength and martial might.

The second Dawnish general leads the Hounds of Glory, and is appointed (or re-appointed) at the Winter solstice each year.




Recent History






Army Quality : Indomitable Glory

Every member of the Hounds is committed to the eternal quest for glory and the need to prove that they are the greatest heroes of the Empire. Their unwavering Ambition, Courage, and Pride in the face of any danger means that they are prepared to take any chance to achieve glory. This allows their general to issue unique orders, taking enormous risks where necessary. Only the Hounds of Glory of Dawn possess the indomitable glory quality.

Tancred de Coeurdefer, last General of the Hounds of Glory
Winter Solstice 384YETancred de Coeurdefer
Winter Solstice 383YETancred de Coeurdefer
Winter Solstice 382YETancred de Coeurdefer
Winter Solstice 381YETancred de Rondell
Winter Solstice 380YETancred de Rondell
Winter Solstice 379YETancred de Rondell
Winter Solstice 378YETancred de Rondell
Winter Solstice 377YEFloree de Rondell
Winter Solstice 376YEFloree de Rondell

Recent Elections

This title is no longer elected as the force was destroyed on campaign. The table to the right shows the citizens who have been elected to hold the title of General of the Hounds of Glory in the years since Empress Britta died.