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Give me a dagger, a coinpurse and a smile, and nothing is impossible

Cicero Telerio di Sarvos, Mountebank


Mountebanks are a combination of confidence trickster and streetwise magician found in The League. Part con-artist, part street entertainer, mountebanks are street-mages with a (sometimes ill-deserved) reputation as thieves and scoundrels. Mountebanks rely on their wits, often engaging in complex scams and long-term cons against the richest and most powerful members of society. A group of mountebanks combines magical lore with a variety of other skills, doing whatever works to complete their goals. Unlike many ritual groups, mountebanks often experiment with improvisation rather than relying purely on formulaic rituals, tailoring their magic to the specific situation they are in. This is expensive in terms of resources and talent, but can be very rewarding.

Not every job goes well for the mountebank
Some mountebanks pride themselves on their swift feet as much as their swift wits.

Not all mountebanks belong to groups. A street-mage like this may be working alone for a variety of reasons, some of which they will be unlikely to share. They may just prefer the freedom of working as and when they please, or they may be avoiding the telling of a dark secret or escaping a dark past. For whatever reason, these magicians work hand-to-mouth and alone, or very occasionally with another, though the nature of these partnerships is transient - more often a mountebank will team up with somebody with skill at arms, or another skill that they do not share.

Some mountebank covens practice a form of dramaturgy that involves improvised, comedic or slapstick performances to mask their use of ritual magic. This practice is frowned on by the troupe magicians of the league ... which simply makes it all the more appealing to the mountebanks.

Give me a dagger, a coinpurse, a pair of trousers, a Varushkan fur lined hat, a length of rope, a jar of wine, a map of the sewers, a monkey, another jar of wine and a smile, and nothing is impossible for Cicero Telerio

Antoni Telerio di Sarvos, Mountebank