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Also known as bright mandrake in the western regions of the Empire and as gatebloom in pre-Imperial texts, realmsroot is a very rare plant that has a propensity for reacting to certain types of magic. The plant is found growing in the wild around regios, unharvested crystalline mana, and other strange occult confluences, absorbing the ambient magical energies they emit; it is notorious for being extremely hard to cultivate in a garden or other controlled environment. Each individual mandrake flowers once every six years, blooming into vivid, colourful blossoms that indicate the herb is at its most potent. Once dug up, the magically-infused root of a flowering plant can be ground up into a paste that has a dramatic narcotic effect on the lineaged. The root smells earthy even when washed and cleaned, but has a zesty, refreshing note to it as well. Some herbalists draw comparisons between the appearance of realmsroot and bladeroot and consider the two plants to be related.

Most realmsroot in the Empire is acquired and sold on the public Bourse auction. Imperial herbal knowledge is not sufficient for realmsroot to be widely grown in herb garden personal resources, or for herb gardens to diversify into it, outside of specific and unusual circumstances.

The ritual Madyn's Gift can be used to create additional realmsroot. During the formulation of that ritual, further information about the peculiar magical plant was uncovered.


  • Any character can grind up and use realmsroot by rubbing it into their skin.
  • Realmsroot has no effect on unlineaged humans or on orcs.
  • Lineaged characters who use realmsroot experience the effects indicated inside the rip-on-use card.