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Seven Paths.
Seven Virtues.
One Way.

The labyrinth is a common symbol of the Way


The Way of Virtue – often simply known as the Way – is the religion that was adopted across the Empire when it was founded.

At its core, the Way of Virtue teaches:

  • Human souls are immortal and, upon death, will eventually be reincarnated as a newborn child.
  • Reincarnation is not instantaneous. The soul must first travel through the Labyrinth of Ages before being reincarnated.
  • Those who follow the paths of Virtue pass through the Labyrinth more quickly and with greater integrity of their soul; wicked souls are trapped in the Labyrinth for longer and perhaps forever.
  • The Way teaches that all laudable human qualities are rooted in the paths of Virtue. For example, the Freeborn commitment to truth is actually an expression of Courage and Pride.
  • Souls who attain sufficient purity of spirit, predominantly through perfection of virtue, pass through the Labyrinth to enlightenment. These individuals are called paragons.
  • There are some priestly ceremonies that require dedication to a single Virtue. Dedication is practised by those who have a calling, such as priests, pilgrims, exemplars and paragons.
  • For most Imperial citizens, dedication is not required. It is sufficient to know of the paths of Virtue and how they can positively influence this life, and the next.

The Way of Virtue is promoted and protected by the Imperial Synod and is shaped by Imperial theology.

The Paths of Virtue

Imperial doctrine currently states that there are seven paths of Virtue that make up the Way. These are:

Further reading for religious PCs

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