• Imperial treasury during this season announced by the Civil Service at 200 Thrones.
  • The roll of Senators serving during this season can be found here.
  • Funds disbursed to Imperial Conclave and Military Council (as per this motion): 14 Thrones and 4 Crowns.




  • A motion to raise a second Urizen army (proposed by Morrow, seconded by Bastion) was defeated on principle.
  • A motion to assign additional militia forces to Brass Coast, Varushka and Urizen (proposed by Karov, seconded by Zenith) was defeated with 18 votes against.
  • A motion proposing the expansion of port and town in Semmerholm and raising of local militia (proposed by Weirwater, seconded by Astolat) defeated in principle with 20 votes against.
  • A motion that the Senate appoint a subcommittee to establish the feasibility and process to establish an Imperial Bank (proposed by Feroz, seconded by Upwold) was defeated with 24 votes against.
  • A motion to improve the output of the Imperial ilium mines (proposed by Sermersuaq, seconded by Mitwold) was defeated in principle with 27 votes against.

Declared Unconstitutional