In Winter 378 Cardinal Asher raised this judgement through the Highguard National Assembly, it was upheld by 208 - 0.

This Assembly believes: That the nation of Highguard owes thanks to all those who assisted in the safe recovery of the body of Permion The Navigator, Exemplar of Courage.

Klaas Oosting

Carmine de Sarvos

Casimir Marcellino de Sarvos

Guillermo de Tassato

Silvio de Tassato

Lukash Biessek von Temschwar

Jonah Yakovitch

Bran Tyrshalting

Ealdred Tyrshalting

Horsa Tyrshalting

Ragnar Tyrshalting

Bertrand Y'basden

Bran Y'basden

Boneg Y'basden

Bors Y'basden

Kerwyn Y'basden

Po Y'basden

Abigail of Felix's Watch

Eli of Felix's Watch

Isaac of the Silent Tide

Mordecai of The Suns of Corous

Naomi of Felix’s Watch

Ruth of the Seven Stars

Sargon of Felix's Watch

Thomas of the Silent Tide

Asher of Felix’s Watch, Highguard

Cardinal of Courage

Winter 378YE