The following is a summary of Conclave proceedings during the Summer summit of 379YE.

Please note that while the Conclave meetings of the 379YE Summer summit were only scheduled to occur on the Friday and Saturday evenings, an emergency meeting did occur on the Sunday as well. This was due to a disturbance of the Conclave on the Saturday that resulted in the Conclave being evacuated early.

The Imperial Titles of the Conclave

The full list of Imperial Titles held in the Conclave at the end of the Summer Solstice, 379 YE, can be found under 379YE Summer Solstice Imperial elections

The following Imperial Titles were appointed by the Conclave during the Summer Solstice, 379 YE:

Conclave Addresses

At the Summit, the following addresses were placed on the Conclave agenda.

Day Speaker Nature of Address
Fri Archmage Iulian of Shatterspire Spiders & other Spring matters
Fri Archmage Corvus of the Auric Horizon Summer matters
Fri Olle Markusson Interdiction of the Imperial Crown
Fri Olle Markusson Divinatory Magic
Fri Gregor, Circle of Zulgan Tash Statement regarding an Imperial candidate
Fri Archmage Mari Linkforge Secrecy in the Conclave
Fri Mord Thorntarry A competition sponsored by the Unfettered Mind
Fri Olle Markusson Statement regarding an Imperial candidate
Fri Tabor the Fool A question on the value of evangelism to the magical realms
Sat Archmage Pavel Matters in the Realm of Night
Sat Pavel, Archmage of Night Today's battle, and how we nearly killed a Thule Dragon
Sat Atte Arrowtongue, Senator of Sermersuaq On the matter of the Throne
Sat Lisabetta Giacomi von Holberg Throne candidacy
Sat Warmage Vaan On the war before us
Sat Baba Ana of the White Flame On matters about the Volodny Bas Celik and withholding information
Sat Tychondrius of Urizen On the potential forming of a new Order
Sat Archmage Mari Linkforge Matters in the Realm of Day
Sat Iago Melfizzi, Bursar The position of Bursar
Sat Egil Ironhammer The use of battle mages and the formation of a college for battle magic
Sat Sirus Skybreaker Matters pertaining to the Realm of Winter and Eternals in general
Sat Bartholl de Rondell Thanks from the Military Council

Conclave Declarations

The Conclave made the following Declarations:

Day Speaker Declaration Outcome
Fri Eudaemon of Halcyon, Dean of the Lyceum Enmity - the Whisper Gallery FAILED
Fri Tristram Novarion Amity - Lashonar FAILED
Fri Rosamund Holt Amity - Gilean, Herald of Llofir PASSED
Fri Rosamund Holt Amity - Mel'Yannah, Herald of Yaw'nagrah PASSED
Fri Rosamund Holt Amity - Kvaasi, Herald of Irra Harah PASSED
Fri Jamilich Concord - That Conclave recognises the sacrifice of Chernobog and the Loyalty and Vigilance of Varushka in defending the Conclave PASSED
Fri Nicholas Reaper Endowment - Eternal Gambit Covenstone PASSED
Fri Archmage Mari Linkforge Neutrality - Leviathan PASSED
Fri Kalini Amity - Mira, Herald of Irra Harah PASSED
Sat Iluna d'Lusignan Reconciliation - The Imperial Crown FAILED
Sat Archmage Iulian Shatterspire Neutrality - Arhallogen PASSED
Sat Archmage Sirus Skybreaker Reconciliation - Quickening Cold Meat PASSED
Sat Warmage Vaan Imperial Lore - Chimes of Annulment PASSED
Sat Archmage Mari Linkforge Amity - Phaleron the Celestial Library PASSED
Sat Archmage Maurice de Gauvain Neutrality - Basileus Kade and his Heralds PASSED
Sat Palaphon Ankarien Concord - Allowing the Grendel access to Spiral would be extremely detrimental to the Empire PASSED
Sat Archmage Corvus of the Auric Horizon Concord - The Conclave apologises to Barien and Cathan Canae about the disruption to the tournament PASSED
Sat Provost Octavius Imperial Lore - The Garden of Teth-Amon PASSED
Sat Grandmaster Faustus Concord - That the Conclave recognise the Loyalty, Wisdom and Courage of all those citizens in the defence and speedy response to the threat of Arhallogen PASSED

Conclave Gambits

The Conclave made the following Gambits:

Day Proposer Intended Use of Resources Mana Ilium Am BL Dr GI IG Or TJ We Funded CA SP RS GP SL UM Indep
Fri Corvus, Archmage of Summer Raising a Frozen Citadel 35 - - - - - - - - - YES 5 6 8 6 6 4 -
Fri Maurice, Archmage of Autumn 1 Drake's Egg to return to the Iron Raptors - - - - - - - - - - YES - - - - - - -
Sat Mari, Archmage of Day To cure an army of the Reikos Flux 60 - - - - - - - - - YES 10 - 10 10 10 20 -
Sat Vaan, Warmage Military Scrying 56 - - - - - - - - - YES 10 10 10 19 - 7 -
Sat Sirus, Archmage of Winter Refund the Saker coven for the unmastered ritual of Winter that completely destroyed the fortress on the battlefield today 80 - - - - - - - - - YES 8 - 20 20 16 16 -
Sat Iago Melfizzi, Bursar Bound by Common Cause, final request - 5 - - - - - - - - YES - - - - 3 2 -
Sat Iulian, Archmage of Spring Strategic Magic 57 - - - - - - - - - YES 10 5 8 10 17 7 -
Sat Pawel, Archmage of Night Scrying 50 - - - - - - - - - NO - - - - - - -

Order Strengths

The strengths of the six Orders at the Conclave this summit were as follows:

Order Friday Strength Saturday Strength Total Strength
Sevenfold Path 24 17 41
Rod & Shield 16 18 34
Celestial Arch 9 19 28
Golden Pyramid 28 23 51
Shuttered Lantern 23 25 48
Unfettered Mind 12 28 40